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  1. Good to see you here.This is a great site and has helped me in so many ways to fix and upgrade my s30z.Most of the guys keep their cars to original condition and do not modify their rides.I love to mod my z and try to get more performance.I do agree with some of the guys posts,that going to low does definatally kill performance,and drivability.I would be careful about that.My z is really low and need to take it easy over speed-bumps and dirt driveways.Other than that the car is a grip monster and wins its class at our scca autocross.Its really a weekend warrior.Good luck with your project and post some photos of your 260!!!!, James Salvato

  2. You talk a lot.Lets see your z.I will tell you what we think....

  3. Hi Slo929,Just noticed you are from albuquerque.I am up in sata fe and own a couple nissans.When your car is finished we should get together.We do some tours and rallys up here and also autocross and drift.I do have some spare parts as well.The pic of your car looks like mine last year.Mine is in primer and waiting for paint.I just run her in primer because I could not wait to drive.Not any datsun addicts up here.Kind of sucks but it is fun to be one of the only zcars in my area.

    James Salvato

  4. Hey Toecutter,

    James Salvato here.Thanks for the info on the zg flair.I will look into it.

  5. Welcome to Z land.Post your ride so we can see.

    James Salvato

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