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  1. I sent him a PM and reached out. What seems to be the issue. I will do whatever I can to help you out.  May have to be in the evenings when the kiddos are asleep, but lets work out a time to meet!  Send me a PM of the issues you are having and let us start from there! ?


    Always happy to help out a fellow Z guy! ?

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  2. 22 hours ago, Diseazd said:

    Beautiful 2000.......the right colors and wheels......perfect!


    Thanks bud. Maybe I will keep her around for this years car show circuit where I live. I as invited to show her in the collectible cars section of the HOuston Auto Show this year.  So that will be fun.  Love to take her out on sunny days and just go nowhere.  It is amazing to hear those webers sing with the top down.  


    Will probably use bring a trailer when the time comes.  I  may also give the original owner a chance to buy her back. 


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  3. On 12/6/2018 at 4:21 PM, Diseazd said:

    Don’t be such a stranger Zedy......you are one of my favorite Z peeps!

    was never my intention man.. just been so swept up in life. z has been incredibly reliable for so long, I have not started any major projects short of the 5 speed bud.

    May try to to the texas 1000 again next year if money works out. IF not that, maybe the orange blossom special.   My Z needs another vintage rally to have some fun in.  


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  4. On 12/4/2018 at 2:26 PM, moelk said:

    A guy with a youtube channel about cars contacted me awhile ago about shooting my car for an episode. Got the result a couple of days ago.

    He has added subtitles in english but he misses a couple of things in translation so don’t take it to serious, i have told him so hopefully he will correct them.


    I Find it amazing at how closely we built our cars!  From the STI diff to the L28, to the 5 speed... WOW. Just need to get me some headlight covers! ?

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  5. Wow, been so long since I posted, just been swamped with daddy duty.  ?

    But 5 speed is in and is the bees knees man!  I love being able to cruise on the freeway at 70 and not be at 4300 RPM.  Z car has been running strong since 2017 ZCON and not batted an eye for any kind of Issues.  Very proud of her. My roadster was selected to be in a rare cars of Houston display at the Houston Auto Show in January. I have been busy detailing her.   


    Which leads me to my question.  I am trying to get off that black RTV like adhesive you use to secure rubber trim.  It is really thick around the entire windscreen and I need to get it all off. It is sitting on paint, so I cannot use brass brushes or the like unless I want to commit to repainting the windscreen. Which I really would rather avoid.   How do you get old RTV/adhesive off paint without chemicals that would destroy the paint.

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  6. After 6 months is fiddle farting around, I got time to get my new 5 speed in.  Got her up in the air first.



    This below is the new 5 speed from a 280Z, nope not a close ratio, but still has that wonderful 5th for freeway driving. After going to Z con last year, it became

    very apparent I needed a new gear to make long hauls. 



    Believe it or not, this my old transmission below... It actually looks cleaner than the one going into the car! LOL



    Up up and away... with help from a good friend, (thanks Tanner) I got this baby in quick.  The car wanted to be back together. 


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