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  1. I'm on my last body panel and of course run into unexpected issues.  Rust has infiltrated between the hatch skin and the 'doubler' shown in the picture.  The result is some pinholes in the outer skin, and a lot of swelling between the two pieces of steel.  This piece clearly had to come out.

    Question is what to do now.  I think replacing the piece and joining it with body adhesive is probably the way to go.  Any suggestions as to what material can be used between these two pieces of steel that will keep water and rust out?  Or any other suggestions on how to repair this area?  

    Thanks in advance.



  2. I was just messing with one of these today. On mine I 'unscrewed' them. They are just a steel ring with a rubber lining, covering a zerk port. I tried tapping them off first, but when I tried to turn them, they were about half way onto the threads, so they just screwed off. I figured that was easier on the rubber than dragging them across the threads. I screwed them back on.
    Somebody who knows more than me can probably tell us if they are stops, or just covers for the zerk opening, or both.

  3. I have a 4 speed out of a 4/71 240Z.  Is there any interest in these early tranny's?  Are they worth any more than the type B?   I don't plan on keeping it, but I also am not interested in shipping it.  It was pulled from a parts car that was parked due to rust, I am told.  So I do not know its condition.  It's in Lincoln, NE if anyone is interested.

  4. I received the 'unicorn' today, and it is as described.  Thanks Jim.

    As to why I wanted rubber, it is strictly for drive-ability.  The car came to me with one of the hard plastic couplers.  It was pretty harsh, but the entire suspension system was shot, so there were more issues involved.  The car is currently on a rotisserie, and when it goes back together I plan on going with a combination of poly and rubber bushings, going with the advice I have seen on these forums.  

    Whitehead performance claims that their coupler is a softer grade of poly, so it would be interesting to compare it to the regular poly and to the oem rubber.  Not cheap either at about $50.  Rubbers for these cars can add up in a hurry :)



  5. Bought what was supposed to be an operational 78 5 speed on CL.  It is on my workbench, not hooked up to an engine.  Put a shifter on it and ran through the gears, but I cannot get it into 5th gear.  is there ANY reason it should not go into 5th?  It acts just like my 4 speed.  I thought I would look foolish here before I go back to the seller and look like an idiot.  In my defense, I've never had a 5 speed out of the vehicle, so I'm not sure how it should act.  I assume it should just slide into 5th.  It goes to all of the other gears easily, including reverse.

    Maybe the guy didn't know what he had.  The case is the 'B' type, so it could be a 4 or 5 speed?

    Be gentle.


  6. Since this topic has been revived I'll use it to ask a question that I haven't seen addressed in any of the floor threads I've seen.  I have two reinforcement pieces welded to the inner rear underside of each floor panel.  I outlined them with blue tape in the picture.  There is also the reinforcements for the transmission support.  


    So what do you do with these?  Cut through them?  Separate them and re-weld?  Cut around them?  Remove and replace them with new?


  7. I was looking for repair panels and found these guys.  The 240Z stuff is on sale with free shipping.  Prices are about half of what I've seen elsewhere.  The free shipping says January special, but they are still doing it.  Has anybody used these panels?  Are they the same as Tabco?


    They don't carry the outside wheel arch.  Does anybody have one they want to part with?  Right side.  Otherwise MSA and Tabco have them for about the same price.



  8. tried to get the worst of the rust.  None of it appears to be very deep.  I'll poke around tonight and see what's under the rubber strips.  The only rust on the outside I see is by the hole, but it is not bad at all.


    Don't expect this quick of a response all the time.  I just happen to be around and available today.  :)






  9. A parts car came available here in Lincoln, Nebraska, so I snatched it up.  It has been sitting in a field for 15 years, so is not in great shape, but it was fairly original, and fairly complete.


    I wanted to give this forum first shot at anything that might be unique to the '71, or hard to find for this year.  My '72 was not original, so there may be things I'm not familiar with.  Things like the hangers for the seat belts, the coat hanger hooks, that are a little different, that I hadn't seen before.  Also, these switches (see pic), that I cannot for the life of me remember where they came from.


    There is not an original radio, and the clock doesn't work.  Most everything has at least some surface rust on it.  I think most parts are better suited to ebay than this group, but I wanted to start here.


    I am going to keep the motor and tranny for now, and the SU's,  until I decide what is going back into my '72.  I am going to keep the front grill.  Most everything else that is salvageable will be sold.  I am going to strip it down to the shell, and scrap it, unless someone wants a very rusty project.  I am willing to cut pieces off if there is something you can use.  The spare tire tub is in surprisingly good shape.  If you can come to Lincoln and get it you can have the shell for nothing, as that will keep it from the crusher.  But it is pretty far gone.


    Front bumper seems to be solid, but would need to be straightened and re-chromed.  I think the rear bumper center section is the same.


    It came with a smog exhaust manifold that has all of the tubes intact.  I was unfamiliar with these.  The guy who sold me the car said they were collectible, but I'm skeptical.  If somebody wants it, make me a reasonable offer.  The car had AC, I don't know if any of that is salvageable after sitting so long, or if you would want to.  All of the heater and AC boxes that could provide a home for rodents did so.  They could probably be refreshed by someone who was willing to put in the effort.


    Right now it is a rolling chassis, the R180 is still in it.  If somebody wants it as is that would keep me from busting any more knuckles taking the suspension off.  But it would need to be picked up pretty quickly.  Somebody called parking enforcement on me because this car is sitting on a pad at my house.  I made an official tag just for them  (see pic).  Also pic of the switches I can't identify, and the worst of the frame rot.  Also rusted through below the windshield on the drivers side and at the battery tray.


    The center console is dried out and has some crazing, but is not broken.  Plastics:  the roof piece is unbroken.  Right side quarter window and expansion tank cover are good.  Rear trim has some cracks on the bottom edge, but not too bad.  The trim is black.


    Let me know if there is something specific you are interested in.  You can PM me or email me.  vleighty  at  hotmail.


    Thanks guys





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