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    Cashiers, NC
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    housing development gate attendant (how boring is that?) Anyone want to hire me for TV/Radio broadcasting? I have a degree!

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    I purchased my zx in January, 2006. I am the second owner. I have installed Tokico shocks and Yokohama AVIDs on vintage (old) Western rims.
    Slowly, but surely (or so I hope) the car is being recolored, pretty much one part at a time... I wish I had a garage and air compressor (and time, and money, and mechanical/electrical skill)...
    At least I have patience.

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  1. LOL thnx

    my school gets lots of toys that are decent

    we r actually supposed to get a new TV set this winter break

    visit our news site: gvtv.weebly.com

    we post our day shows everyday after airing them live...

    my bio is there to in the "present staff"

    just click my name.

    but yeah, I cant wait to get my feet wet in this field,

    its definitely my career choice.

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