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  1. thanks for the B'day wishes! Hope all is well in Savannah land.

  2. Will, when are you getting up here! You need to mow your yard. :) Also, I have a wicked idea for many of your spare parts...

    Let me show you a hint:


  3. Enirque, will you be my friend? I must admit I just found this part of the site. Must be fairly new. How's the roadster coming?

  4. K,

    I've seen in the shout box that you are in some video production classes (in high school, how effin cool is that?) and thought I'd give you a couple links to my photobucket site. I'm just about finished with my degree in broadcasting at Western Carolina University, and figure you might like to see some of the fun toys I get to play with. Also, you might find of interest the photos from this year's National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. Cool part of that was I got to go for FREE! The only downside was that I had to work for Sony for the week. Damn. Work for Sony. Free trip to Vegas. Resume fodder. Damn. Of course you are too young to go, but you should take a peek at the NAB website, as well as tvnewsday. All good stuff.



    BTW, I think you and I are the only broadcaster types on the board, or at least the only open ones...


    And yes, I realize that many of the photos will mean absolutely nothing to you, but you can amuse yourself by making up funny conversations. That's what I do when i look at other peoples photos.

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