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    • 280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration
      Hello All,

      Mart here,I bought a Datsun 280zx slick roof 2+2.. in or around september 2013..  It's a funny story
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    • Official 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Car Value Thread!
      Official 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Car Value Thread!
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    • 1977 280z Light Restoration Project
      Yet another Z fanatic makes progress on his car! Here's some information about his project.
      New to the site. Just bought a 1977 280z. Its my second Z, but first S30 and I am ecstatic to get started. It seems pretty common place to introduce new projects here so I figured I would drop a note. 

      Current Prognosis: Chassis is in good shape and car both starts and runs pretty well for its age, but definitely needs some dialing in. Going to keep it mostly original and focus on restoring its performance to 1977 spec. 
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