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  1. This one should make for a very lively auction and colorful commentary! https://msclassiccarsllc.com/VehicleDetails.aspx?vid=751
  2. I think I’m gonna stress about something else... this is too small a detail in the big scheme of things.
  3. We simply need to get our oil and products locally. Also globalization (moving manufacturing, pollution and slavery offshore) is not in our interests morally or from a self sufficiency point of view. If the Middle East turns off the oil pipes, we would collapse (but not as fast as in the past) If China stopped shipping products we would also collapse. So these regions can destroy us without firing a gun..... a very risky position. We need to de-risk and be self-sufficient. If we stop depending on these countries, they will wither away. Trump needs to step up trade war with China to get the ball rolling.
  4. Agreed on the war thing - it is the ugliest of human activities. “Middle East are still pissed about stuff that happened 600+ years ago!” Maybe a little more recent ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat Imagine a scenario where Iran attacked, invaded and controlled Canada and Mexico, moving its army in semi permanently. Then parked it’s aircraft carries and subs in the oceans either side. Now they side with the US’s enemies and arm them too, supporting and funding them. Wouldn’t the US feel just a little threatened and sensitive with a need to defend itself, build nuclear “deferents”!? Now imagine if Iran had a history of overthrowing the US government and pushing it’s own interests for the US’s natural resources. Would the US not be a tad pissed off? I don’t like the mullahs of Iran either but if you look at both sides of this tale with discerning eyes, it’s quite entangled and both sides are as bad as each other in many respects. :(
  5. It is quite odd how it's all just been downplayed. "No casualties, Iran is standing down". Back to consuming and watching YouTube influencers. If I didn't know better I'd think the whole thing is rigged. Guess I'll go put my aluminum foil helmet on.
  6. I did and ended up in Kansas!! [emoji15]
  7. There is a early 72 near me that has the vertical defroster lines. It has only 2,600 miles on it. He just drives it around the block once a week during the summer. Still has the original tires on it.
  8. I read up that trait years ago and found something that has helped deal with it better because it's usually someone you work for. Don't blow air into their ballon.
  9. Sounds like we need a pipeline from Alberta across the country.. so much environmental friendly/non-conflict oil available here and everyone wants to import from the middle east! Irving anyone? Sounds like we need a pipeline from Alberta down through the States.... Keystone sound familiar? All the same reasons as above PLUS the fact that more than half of our oil companies in Canada are owned by Americans. When will the world see that Alberta provides the cleanest, most efficient oil producing rigs in the world? With many of our oil companies owned by Indigenous peoples, the only opponents are the ones not sharing the wealth from other provinces! hmmmm..... maybe we need to blockade hydroelectric dams in Quebec or offshore rigs in the maritimes, neither of which pay a single dime in to national equalization payments!
  10. I am unsure why world organizations have come up with so many rules to make war better. War is ugly and that's just how it is. It's like fighting hand to hand to me. If we fight, you better be prepared, because there are no rules! I suspect the Iranians aren't really totally done, but from here on out will try to have plausible deniability on whatever they dish out next. Part of the problem is that much of the West and America for sure has about a 30 minute memory. These countries in the Middle East are still pissed about stuff that happened 600+ years ago! Now what were you just saying...? 😀
  11. LOL... Canada has become a foolish country. The politically correct, the poorly educated masses and our great socialism being exploited by the entitled masses are taking their toll. We are lucky to have so many resources otherwise we would have imploded long ago.
  12. CEO's embezzle money on a daily basis and they all say they are innocent but to his defense, his story about the Japanese government not wanting to see one of their prize corporations merge with Renault sounds like it might hold some water. They can be very protective of industry that is seen as part of the culture. I guess the trial will have to be all by video link because he can't set foot in Japan again.
  13. Any thoughts on numbers? I think the market has gotten softer, so I don't know where to come down on this. I could see it as a six figure car or a 60k car...
  14. The painter is finally getting around to working on the Z sculpture......I’ll update with progress. Thanks again Zup ......you are a true friend for providing the door.
  15. I have no misconceptions about the US government. Its a big organization and many of its parts are not looking out for the people's best interests only their own. I agree there are lots of entanglements and many of them were inherited from previous administrations. Some from decades ago. But I also realize I dont have all the facts. The president may or may not have all the facts. It depends on whether those below him put them on his desk. The reality of the office, is you are very dependent on a whole lot of people that you dont even know to provide you with good information. Since I dont get to see the classified stuff, its hard to make definitive judgements about whether his decisions are good or bad
  16. I am running full sequential. Hoke crank trigger and jeep cas with a haltech elite 750 ecu
  17. It's their own narcissism that drives them to "obtain" positions of power over others. It is a PERSONALITY DISORDER!
  18. Send a pipe over here... we want and need it....good luck getting through Quebec. btw the Trans-mountain Pipeline was only approved because of the work "Trans".
  19. New product that is a hard to find part. Reproduction of the original "KS" washer bottles for 240Z, 260Z and 280Z. Includes rubber pump mount but does not come with pump. Our 800-751 pump will fit in the washer bottle and makes for a very original looking ( looks OEM to me) washer bottle setup. Same "KS" writing as the original bottles. https://zcardepot.com/products/windshield-washer-tank-bottle-and-pump-oe-style-replacement-240z-260z-280z-1?_pos=1&_sid=91d7a8e0b&_ss=r
  20. As you say, once it is painted dark green you might not even notice it, it looks pretty consistent in your latest photo.
  21. Use a standard .. what is it.. 20-25 Kv coil.. all that 123 ignition nonsense with 40+ Kv… gives you only one thing… trouble!!!… just my 2 cents...
  22. Killing the Iranian General. NOT GOOD. NOT NEEDED. Trump would say its not going to go any further, its one conflict that wouldn't end well for anyone and neither side would 'win'. Its Trumps fault that they're moving away from peace agreements and Nuclear plans, so who out the two is the war monger here?
  23. All international conflicts should blow over so easily. We vaporize your General, you shoot off a few rockets that are beyond their "Best If Used By" date and both side declare themselves winners. Dennis
  24. I just read the Princess and Prince are moving to Canada. Now they can smoke legally. Rich people problems.
  25. I haven’t finished fitting the other side yet but it looks a little tighter. This is my bad. I didn’t hang the panels first before finishing the inside edges etc. I completely forgot and skipped that step in my rush to the finish line. At this point, I can do as you say and weld new metal to the edges, remove the door and fender, grind and finish the welds, repaint the panels and rehang them... a loss of a lot of work already done and adding a lot more time to the build. Or, I can work a small amount of edge fill in with fibreglas filler to extend the edge lines a little closer and have less gap and less repaint work on the panels. I am not too unhappy with the gap size as I think it will hide well on a dark car. I am more concerned with it being balanced to the rear edge which is also a little off top to bottom. Again, this isn’t a concourse car and I don’t expect perfection. I would really like to see this car on the road this summer and there is a ton of work to do still.
  26. Or what is more likely is that Iran did its token response and will milk the propaganda for what it is worth. https://www.newsweek.com/iran-says-it-has-concluded-its-response-us-strike-does-not-seek-escalation-1480956
  27. Kats, how does 1 remove that 1/4 plastic panel without cracking it? These old plastics are so fragile now and require quite a contortionist method of removal that it's almost impossible not to crack them!
  28. Nobody can say what's likely or unlikely these days. Not even worth trying to guess, just assume that somebody will suffer somewhere.
  29. Went to the gas station as soon as I saw the news. Edit: As a former service member and Iraq war veteran, my thoughts are first and foremost with our Frontline coalition solders, Marines, airmen and sailors. Not on my fuel bill. But it sure might suck.
  30. Sorry, a typo. I must have confused him with Louis XIV