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  1. I'm in the process of tearing down my 73Z project car, and decided to make all new brake and fuel lines now. To save some money and not have to piece several pieces together, I decided to buy 25" rolls of tubing. I wanted to start with straight tube so I looked in to buying a line straightening tool. Well they wanted $100 for one and that was more than I was willing to pay, so I made one. This will work on 3/16, 1/4 or 5/16. It cost me $15 to make. Attached is a picture of it. If there are others interested in making one of these, let me know. If there's enough interest, I'll write up detailed instructions on how to build one. Paul (zbeemer)
  2. So I'm doing my homework and watching all the YouTubes (there are 3 excellent ones) and one of the "suggested for you"'s was one on how syncronizers work. I'm thinking, well, it's probably pretty basic, but let's watch it. One question I've had in this, is diagnosing what's wrong. Such as how do you know if you need new synchros? This video show's problems with synchros and how to tell what's wrong. Good thing to watch.
  3. Oh c'mon now.... the American's built plenty of bland rubbish that needed jazzing up. The Mustang was considered a "ladies" car, hence why Carol Shelby had to work it over to give it more "muscle". But the whole premise is just silly to begin with. Plenty of politics in big companies preventing "special" versions of cars being released. That's what is good about the aftermarket tuning scene, they can push the envelope. And what was poorly built about the AC cars anyway? They were a beautiful shape. But how is this even relevant to a discussion on a Z432-R when the O.S Giken offering came in the late 70s almost 10 years later? I mean I could say the RB26 is the ultimate set up too, but it came in 1989... How is this relevant to the thread at hand? For all we know it puts out 500hp on a Rebello dyno... ? Ughhh, this thread quickly devolved didn't it? It's a good thing all these Westerners know how to do it right and get to show those orientals how it's done lol.. Somehow I think you'll have lost them..
  4. Motor was dyno'd at 301hp/269tq
  5. psst: Your photo is of a replica... AC Ace or Lola GT? And the same guys? I think you might be getting Shelby American mixed up with BRE. Thanks for the "show them how" line for the Z. Quite revealing. Still, you're certainly living in the right place for bowdlerised yarns to get turned into jingoistic blockbusters. You might want to drop your screenplay over to James Mangold (or maybe Disney) as I'm sure he will be looking for a similar project to the one which pretty much painted out Bromley, Broadley, Lunn, Slough, Wyer, Kar-Kraft and a cast of thousands. And never mind those 5 DNFs at Le Mans in '65, eh? Hooray for Hollywood!
  6. In fact the S20 continued to be used until the end of 1973 - winning almost every race it took part in - so you clearly didn't take much notice of our previous discussions on the subject. Oppama vs Murayama politics ring a bell at all? L24 didn't do the job at first, did it? Fewer parts? Yes, it took a little bit of development to get them to finish with as many crank throws connected to the flywheel as there were when they started... By the same token, shame our lovely L24 was fitted in the softened-up and dumbed-down HLS30U. Much better suited to the HS30 and HS30U packages ?
  7. Correct (S30 type) emblem on left. Incorrect (S130 type) emblem on right. The 432 going to auction has the incorrect, flatter profile (and plastic...) S130 type bonnet emblem.
  8. Hi,Thank you everyone,I did restored the spoiler.I am not happy with its finish, I should work hard for sanding and painting.But currently this is my best,do not look it closely!I used a heat gun to be flexible the portion of it where should be straighten.Also I put FRP liquid and cloth to fill the gap between body panel and the spoiler.And for reinforce the spoiler.Color is not matching for the original,but I am OK.Please note 3 holes for the emblem on the back,they are a good sign of original early one.The earliest spoiler has only one emblem " Fairlady Z" . These holes are exactly correct locations and dot size.Compare the official photo of Z432-R, you will see mine has the same location of the emblem. I looked into holes from inside of the spoiler,there are no evidence of repairing or filling extra holes. kats

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