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  1. Fresh inventory for PartZ R&R - S30 heat shields just back from plating, before and after pics. One for early 240Z without the heat riser, three regular 240Z, one 280Z. Coming soon: Fuel Rail Fiesta!
  2. "If so, would anyone in this narrow class of dedicated self-abusers, care to share the secrets of their success?" Oh! Hi there! Yup, I've done exactly this a few years back. Fiberglass mat and ABS cement will do what you need. I glopped on the cement (it's just ABS plastic melted in MEK) on the screw studs that were blown out and glued back the ones that were broken. Bottom pictures are of my steering column clamshell that had all the screw pockets broken off. Turns out we had some corporate pens at the office that were perfectly sized to be glued in place. Same approach would work on the arm rest lid.
  3. This is the Captain's thread on his donut tire conversion. The pics are mia unfortunately. Once done, the floor can be lowered & access to the storage bins is just a matter of cutting the false floor and the finish work to make it look nice.
  4. Try ball point pen (Bic or other throw away "stick" pens) bodies with the refill removed - nice tube and can be cut to length as needed. Dennis
  5. Randy Jaffe's BRE isn't the original, but he has the original powertrain, two of the surviving wheels, switchgear, gauges, and many of the other bits and pieces from the original car. Dan Parkinson bought the 46 from BRE and raced it for a while until a front steering/suspension (I can't remember what exactly) failed and put the car into the wall on its left side. Dan got a 280Z from Nissan and transferred the parts to that car. Randy bought the Parkinson car a few year back to get the parts. Some of the parts just sit on display, like the powertrain. Other parts have succumbed to time, like the megaphones. (I was helping the team scrounge for parts when the megaphones gave out at the 2018 Mitty.) The car has been recaptured in incredible detail, down to having hand-painted numbers and logos. To see it in person is to travel in a time machine back to the 70s. John Morton even gave Randy the VIN plate from the original car.
  6. It's been 20+ years since I had my bumpers chromed, but the place is still in business and does much chrome work for the hot rod guys. They seem to know what car folks expect. You will want to run a die down the bumper mounting bolts to clean up the threads or you will have trouble tightening the nuts, ask me how I know. https://www.ogdenchrome.com/ They did the bumpers, grill and all other chrome on my wife's truck too.
  7. And the big day has arrived. Dyno tuning completed. Big thank you to Jimmy Bailey and all the crew at VEX that made this day worthwhile.
  8. Ignition system points capacitors (condensers is the old school term) are made with a lug on one end to mount & ground, the other end has a wire with lug for connection to the points. They are not electrolytic caps, probably mylar. I would guess that today, they are very cheaply made and many fail for that reason.
  9. I guess I assumed that he performed the head 'rebuild' work without removing it from the block. If not, it would indeed be hard to understand how the broken bolt wasn't spotted the first time the head was off. Of course, there's always the possibility that it was spotted (and ignored) -- or that it was broken during re-assembly (and ignored) -- and that's why the car burned 2 quarts of oil in 100 miles. For the time being, though. let's give youztheclue the benefit of the doubt and assume that the bolt was broken by someone else.
  10. Thanks Chas! I am looking forward to getting the bodywork done this fall and having the car painted by spring. I am really trying to get it on the road next summer. Fingers crossed.
  11. It's an art to be able to apply bondo so thick. He was probably a pastry chef in another life. That car is going to be quite a few kilos lighter when you a finished. Car is looking good and coming along nicely.
  12. Ok I am really starting to believe I did in fact jump the gun on my motor, I went through everything while it was apart and all I could find is a small leak on the exhaust valves for 5 & 6, just like you said @Mark Maras. I did a quick lapping on them and it stopped the leak. I then cleaned the head up and put it all back together. It now runs great and the oil pressure is right where it should be. Nothing wrong with the carbs as well so if in fact it just decided to run really rich for a while I have no idea what caused it.
  13. Unfortunately, the owner of Denver Bumper Works sold the land and the building to a pot company and the owner retired. The new owners of the property razed the building and built new grow houses. Here's a picture that I took soon after the building was razed in July of 2014. I really miss Denver Bumper. I don't think that there are any other chrome shops here in the Denver area.