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  1. Just an update on my original post. I got a cam oiler from Mike Yoes and installed it this morning. It's very well built and fit my L24 perfectly. Verified that all the holes were squirting oil onto the rockers by cranking the engine with the ignition disabled and cam cover off then took it out for a short drive. Everything's fine. John
  2. @ConVerTT I took inspiration from your jig and I started to make one based off of your design with a few tweaks. I making a CAD model that's not quite yet complete, but I'm referencing your post with the drawing in the maintenance manual. Depending on how sturdy it turns out, I might do some math and see if I can turn it into a rotisserie! Check it out! !!!!!!WARNING!!!!! Drawing/model are not complete, dimensions may not be accurate!!!
  3. Except this one, @Careless built it, it will pull the pin or the threads, Thor's hammer.
  4. I wouldn't want to own it but sure would like to take it out on the track if offered.
  5. Well I just listed the car with Hemmings and that should be up in a day or so, wish me luck.
  6. A 4" grinding disc followed by 60 grit disc and if it is visible 120 disc. If what needs grinding is in a tight spot then the die grinding bits.
  7. I just got done listing my 72 Z on BAT and it was not a good experience. It took them over two weeks to assign someone to my listing and them another week getting the listing right. Once I gave them the go, on July 18th, it took them until the 25th to list it. I thought it was a great car to go up against the Pierre' Z factory restoration car and told them so, but they didn't listen. I was then up again Z of lesser valve for my entire 7 days until the morning of the last day, when a the bidding takes place, and they listed a nice stock 72 Z that probably took away some of the bidders. They also tried to get me to lower my reserve, which I didn't. Luckily I already had a buyer lined up for my reserve price.
  8. I referred your post to one of our fellow members who may have one available.
  9. That would be termed as a conservative understatement!
  10. I use a die grinder with a 3" cut off wheel to dress welds down most of the way. Then I use die grinders with 2" & 1" rolocs on them 36 grit. Sometimes I finish up with a 4" flap disc, but the flap disc can remove a lot of metal really fast and there is not a lot of metal thickness to start with.
  11. I found that when using this wire, a flap disc in the 60-80 grit works very well. I can not say enough on how easy it was to clean up my ugly welds using this wire. https://www.esabna.com/us/en/products/filler-metals/mig-mag-wires-gmaw/mild-steel-wires/spoolarc-easy-grind.cfm
  12. Hahaha, well it’s an old American style race car ; )
  13. Steve that’s awesome, I’m sorted for accommodation then as it looks like it’s 15 minutes away from his house.....that’s a stroke of luck for me.
  14. Can I ask if this is actually the case. Is the Z convention in Nashville next year? I’m based in the uk but my brother lives in Franklin and I’ll start priming him for a visit.
  15. I was just trying to clarify your statement - not playing semantics. We started the thread talking about straightening ( flattening ) the head. I wanted to clarify you were referring to cutting the head on both sides and not straightening both sides. The last head I had done for someone I had 3 sides cut. Some early heads have some corrosion ( pitting) along the mating surface of the intake and exhaust can use a nice shave. It can get expensive when you start doing 3 sides . Anytime there is warpage on the head , both sides needs to be checked for sure. Yes the head has to be torn all the way down to cut the cam side of the head , but that’s just the way it goes if the cam don’t spin freely
  16. Haven't posted in a long time. But I am, proud to announce progress. Finally!!!! I choose not to do the welding as I do not have a great work space. So my guy send me these pictures today. The car has new life!!
  17. I use an OEM spec Exedy clutch with a real light aluminum flywheel in my 240. It was $100 from amazon.com, part number was 066009. Fun to drive as a weekend car. The tach needle bounces like a ping-pong ball but it is a pita just getting up and out of my driveway when I first get in it. After a few restarts I get used to it pretty quick. Humble opinion #2
  18. Crap... now we have two Eagles fans on here. Just kidding, welcome aboard...good folks on this forum...even the Philly guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I'm just hoping to be able to stick around to celebrate my own 50 year anniversary in a couple of years.

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