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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF... Hope you have a great day and a cool Z driving year ahead!!! Sending love, Jai & Lissa
  2. @siteunseenHappy Birthday, Cliff.
  3. Just got done adjusting the valves, all the clearance were too tight, couldn't get the .007 gauge bottom of the lobes and the rockers. Set both intake and exhaust valves at .007 now the compression has gone up to 150 psl on all cylinders. Tomorrow I will go for a test drive
  4. I was born in the design phase. A clay model at best. Hold up! That'll rock the boat, can't do that.
  5. Yup. https://www.instagram.com/the240zguild/
  6. Cliff is same age as the first Z's! Cooooool Here is HLS30-01969:
  7. The 240Z Guild Facebook page has more information and photographs. https://www.facebook.com/The-240z-Guild-463701714192371/?tn-str=k*F From the pictures I've seen, it's impressive.
  8. Good for you Cliff 69' was a good year! I'm 3 months ahead of you
  9. It looks like someone in Taunton MA has some ‘splainin to do 🙄
  10. Do you have any other info on this car? Thanks
  11. I merged the threads on this same item..
  12. Here's the back of a Remy 1982 280Zx internally regulated alternator, for comparison. If you just bought the car it might already be wired for an internal alt. You didn't really say why you changed the alternator so your original problem might still be there after you get the right parts back in to it. Welcome to the club!
  13. Decided to get motivated while the sun was shining - pulled off the fenders, hood, grille, sugar scoops, bumper to see what i'm dealing with. Looks like the sheet metal work forward of the wheel wells is not worth saving, combination of some hidden rot and it being really mashed up. Might try and find a frame-cut from just in front of the shock towers and just weld it on. One thing that was rather exciting: I finally solved the mystery of the "Z Mana". Some of you might remember previous posts under this title, about how every time I got going really fast or encountered some bumpy roads I'd have a piece of what looked like (very old) toasted oats cereal fall on my left foot. I figured either the previous owner's little kid had been depositing them through the defroster slots, or some critters had been stashing a winter food supply. Well - it looks like it was the critters! I found a stash under the drivers side fender supports - and not surprisingly this is where the rot had started. So I guess I would've had to deal with that at some point anyway...
  14. after my buddy and i gave this mk1 sprite back to the owner he started messing with the wiring (he wanted a push to start button ) and managed to mess it up so bad that the battery inverted its polarity. not sure why he did not just leave it alone and drive it, it was perfect when we handed it off.
  15. Thanks again to all for weighing in, it's great to have some like-minded folks to help get perspective on the situation. Had a great chat w/Patcon and am feeling a little more optimistic. At this point I'll probably pull off and discard all the parts that are beyond repair and then see what it'll take in time/$$ to get her driveable again. Once I get a required parts list I'll post up and see what's available to purchase from the CZC community. Stay tuned...
  16. Shhhhhhh..... Zed Head, I could take the back half of the cam out easy. Maybe I'll do that (if I can sneak some time in the garage when I "should be working on other things")
  17. Hi Carl, I will pull out one of my old exhaust systems and put them side by side in the next day or two. My muffler guy has been around for a while and actually had a couple of these Nissan resonators back in his storage. Unfortunately, I think he said this is his last one and I actually need another one made for my white Z. I am not sure what Nissan model they were made for. I think he told me but I forgot. I will save the part number and probably keep a look out on eBay. I am surprised that Jay does not make these. He makes the front and the back, but not the middle section. My muffler guy does a pretty good job with these as the last one went in perfectly.
  18. I commend them for that, rather wait and get as perfect as possible. I hope someday the Z after market is supported the way 60's American muscle is. You can practically build a brand new 1969 Camaro from the jegs catalog.
  19. Last night was not good. My son was driving my daughter home from the movies in my Z, going across the Ballard bridge (drawbridge w/metal grating in the rain) when a pickup pulled into his lane. He swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid the truck, then cut back into his lane and the car went into a spin, crashing into the guardrail. Thankfully both kids walked away unscathed but I'm afraid it might be the end of the road for the Z... IMG_0013.HEIC IMG_0017.HEIC