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  1. I have been the owner of this 240z for the past 3 years. I've made some improvements to the car and its a joy to own. I ended up buying it's older vin twin (1 vin lower) a few years later and had them together in the garage. That was a cool thing to see. Full Brand New Fujitsubo Headers and exhaust system. Brand New Old Stock 40PHH Mikuni Triple Carbs Brand New set of Watanabe Wheels Some New Old Stock OEM parts throughout the car. Here are some pictures of it now.
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  2. Ignore them. They are for the coolant lines for an automatic transmission. If you are worried about fluid getting into them for corrosion purposes, fill them with RTV.
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  3. @Home Built by Jeff I have to tell you something funny. My wife was waiting on me to get ready for bed last night. It was late and she could here me bumping around in the kitchen. She told me "then I heard that Australian guy and I quit waiting" I was watching your video!
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  4. Yes, 225/50/15. I have not lowered or modified the suspension. Thank you
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  5. Just watched the movie The Dirt on Netflix on a flight this AM. It’s movie about the story of the band Motley Crew. Anyway there was a 280z in there for about 4 seconds. 1:17:19 remaining in the movie when you see it. That band was insane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. Shop charged $75 to coat the rear end. I built my own vapor blaster (I like that name) system. It's pretty simple, my cabinet is a giant piece of junk, but other then that is awesome, it's not a fast process, but makes things look amazing.
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  7. Might I suggest that the outer tie rod be inverted as in the picture it is upside down.
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  8. Thanks, good for everyone to know. Maybe I'll send Fuel Injection Corp. an email if I get time. I've never liked that AFM for passing emissions, it's never worked, except for when I had the original set of clogged injectors on my car. It worked great otherwise but might also explain my typical 18-19 mpg.
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  9. Made some more progress this week. Got the soundproofing in on the doors, firewall and the front floors. I used the Noico mat because I like the weight and flex of the material. It makes a huge difference in the interior sound level when the car is running. I also like the feel and sound of the doors when they close with the Noico mat. Without the mat, the doors have that tinny 'tink' sound when you open and close them (drives me up the wall). With the Noico mat installed, the sound is like a modern car. You get the solid, deep 'thunk' when you close the door. On my yellow Z, I have the mat in the drivers door and nothing in the passenger door just for demo purposes. People are pretty amazed at the the difference in sound. Started the heater and fan install, got the shifter installed along with a new rubber boot. Also got the handbrake installed. Cleaned and installed the speedo cable and then disassembled the seats. That was a task. The lower bolts were rusted in pretty good and I had to drill the head off of three of them. After that, used the vise grips to thread the 'headless' flat head' screw out the far side of the fitting. The rear frame of the seat was pretty corroded, so I will drop that off at the powder coater tomorrow along with the stock rims that I picked up last week. I removed the old interior vinyl around the door pillars and roof headliner. All the new vinyl is in along with the seat foam and vinyl. I was tempted to install the headliner today, but will wait till I am a little bit farther along. The snow white interior will probably pick up marks pretty easy so I will definitely be careful with it. Here are a few pics..
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  10. So the holes in the rad support aren’t really a match to a typical dimple die. I did some testing with some round tube sections and came up with some cheap home made dies to punch and roll the holes.... Testing ... Success ... That’ll work. I am going to try to make an oval set as well for the lower section of the rad support. I am not sure an oval will work, but curious to find out ... aside: I was amazed at how easily a 1/8” wall tube will punch a hole through 20 gauge sheet...something to think about if you are planning on reinforcing your front frame rails by inserting a section of 2” square tubing ....
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  11. Good decision! Those valve keepers are a pain with the head on a bench.
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  12. Sand blasting pressure pot. 90 pound pressure pot.
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