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  1. 240260280

    Fairlady 432 at Auction

    READ THIS https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/manufacturing/tens-of-thousands-of-counterfeit-wheels-made-in-china-are-on-australian-roads-experts-warn/news-story/bbf2565440a7ddf0c291a7ef9c4e9815 Watch This
  2. wheee!

    Reproduction headlight covers

    Yes! Please open a real web store. A lot of us DO NOT DO FACEBOOK!
  3. Got a set of original Datsun competition/race mirrors for my '73 240Z comp resto. They didn't come with the mounting gaskets which no longer seem to be available. Searched around on the net for some but no luck, seems there were some on EBay a year ago. I think the mirrors were also used on the 280Z Black Pearl and Zap models, as well as being an option for the 240Z and 260Z. Not to worry, drew some up in Solidworks and then 3D printed them in PLA. They fit a treat and look original. Nice little result for a few hours work. Happy to make some more for anyone that needs them, just drop me a message.
  4. duffymahoney

    Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

    Horns are rebuilt. I used gasket maker instead of the paper seal. Now time to remove all the original tape from the front wiring harness and redo it.
  5. Patcon

    HLS30-00762 popped up, pretty banged up

    I agree with 26th. I think done reasonably well the car is 50k or so. I would say any sub 2000# cars are considered really early cars. That might even apply to 5000# and below. the first 500# cars are a breed apart and are already in the 90-100k value area.
  6. 26th-Z

    HLS30-00762 popped up, pretty banged up

    Don't agree with your numbers and I would value the car at well above $30k. More like $50 - $60k.
  7. Patcon

    Replacement tar mat

    Would you happen to have a part number for that?
  8. Jaymanbikes

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Work has slowed down and since I dont have the cash for a respray I’m doing some of the work myself. Will have it resprayed completely some day. The car was resprayed at some point and the color is not factory. I had a match done but it’s not going to be spot on. The under side of the hood was pretty ratty so I started there. I also water sanded the top side of the hood and it’s looking much better. Also got a few more parts to complete the engine compartment.
  9. ktm

    electrical diagrams help

    FYI, if you do a search on 280z color wiring diagrams on Google, you will be directed to a link HERE for a full color wiring diagram for a 280z in PDF format.
  10. SteveJ

    Help with headlights

    I was wondering where I downloaded it from.
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