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  1. Hey guys, It has been my dream for many years to move to a spot where I could build my dream garage. Well, this year my dream was realized. We moved to a new house and I did not even need to build the garage. It came with a 36'x64' Pole Barn!! The barn is a great space. It really is a blank canvas at this point though. I have the shell, but I need to finish the interior. The previous owner got a start on the wiring and putting up some insulation and walls. They also left an area at the back in gravel, with the intent of building in 3 horse horse stalls. The first thing I will need to do is to get that filled in with concrete. After that I want to have an asphalt driveway put in. I had a gravel driveway put in this year as a temporary step, so I could get to the barn without having to drive over the lawn. This year I was consumed with working on the house and getting it to a point where the wife is happy with it. Is that even possible, LOL!! She always comes up with more stuff to do, or things she wants to add. So, next year is the year of the barn. I am just getting serious about putting a plan together. This is where you guys come in. I know a few of you have built some pretty nice garages. I would love to hear all of your ideas on what I should build into the garage. I am particularly interested in what I should do now, before the walls and ceiling are installed. All ideas on nice features to add and the timing of the build process are welcome. Thanks, Marty
  2. If you only knew me a little bit... Yeah I'm a character on here but your best friend when you need one in the real world. I played on my high school golf team because I don't care for team sports. Like Ricky Bobby says, "if YOU ain't first you're last". Cliff
  3. Thanks for the compliment. I am really getting to like being in the country, away from the congested city. I looked at Exmark, but they were pretty expensive and they would not deal on it. I ended up with a Ferris. The specs on it were about the same as the Exmark. It started out much cheaper, were willing to deal and then they issued a $400 rebate. It was a no brainer at that point.
  4. For those who are looking for some bumpers... Tried to order from TYNDA that i found on ebay, then on alibaba. TYNDA is located in Vietnam, and mentions they are manufacturing for Harrington Group (main europe bumper provider) Website : www.bumperclassic.com http://bumperclassic.com/index.php/about-us-team Facebook site : https://www.facebook.com/Tyndabumper Alibaba site : https://vn1293675903ggbk.trustpass.alibaba.com/ Skype : rooney.rio Took my chance, something like 650 USD delivered to France, plastic strips included (no hole drilled), paypal fees included...not VAT Delivered in less than 10 days Not installed yet, will wait for EuroDat brackets. On Datsun France forum, saw that www.bumperautomobile.com was proposing the pair of bumper at 450 USD (no shipping included). Nobody tested yet... You have the drawing attached of these bumpers from TYNDA.
  5. Also, consider improving the lighting with some LED shop lamps spaced nicely around the barn, along with some wall mounted units to see better. Especially if you are creating a body and paint area. Run a length of 3/4" pipe off your compressor around the barn with multiple 'drops' for air lines. Don't forget a good dehydrator as well if you don't get the pro industrial unit. Get a good quality sound system! it will make the time out there much more pleasant! You may also want to consider some wireless surveillance cameras both inside and out of the shop. I wish I had done a goPro or something like that as well, kind of like @Home Built by Jeff does to record my progress.
  6. I bought a 61" commercial zero turn mower. It can do up to 10 MPH on flat ground. It takes me about 3 1/2 hours to cut. I usually do it over 2 days, so it does not feel like lawn mowing is my second career. And with the zero turn, it s ALMOST fun.
  7. Oh that's a nice setup! But, will you ever have time to work on your car considering all that lawn you have to mow? ?
  8. That's what I figured, and I understand completely. I'm not tall, and my work surfaces are higher than average. I don't remember the height measurement, but I used the "elbow at 90 degrees height". If I rest my arm on the top, my elbow is bent at 90 degrees.
  9. Get ready for a lot of words... Let me first explain why I'm looking for a new helmet in the first place. My current helmet (Horror Freight blue design) works pretty well with the MIG, but won't stay dark with the TIG. I'm assuming that the TIG currents are just too low and it won't pick up the arc. Either that, or I'm shadowing the sensor with my work position. In any event, it flashes me with the TIG. And just recently, I was doing some under-car exhaust work on the family Truckster, and my HF blue flashed me even with the MIG. Something about the working position again... Must have blocked the sensor or something. Once I finished the tack welds under the car, I pulled the parts out and finished the job on easels in the driveway and it was fine. Just something about the position under the car. So I've had it... I busted my balls on that car job and saved over a thousand bucks by throwing labor at it instead of new parts. With the money saved (think "unrealized expense"), I think I deserve a new tool so I can do a better job next time. I figure even if I spend a couple hundred of that saved thousand, I'm still way ahead in the end AND I've got a new helmet! Right? I deserve that, right? Who's with me?? Anyway, that's where I'm coming from. I wanted something more reliable with more sensors and rated for lower TIG current. So I did a bunch of investigation into helmets and came to multiple conclusions. First of which is that asking people what is the best helmet is like asking someone "What is the best brand of tools." and is likely to start a religious war. Beyond that, I did some reading of on-line reviews. Here's a couple examples: https://welderportal.com/ http://weldinghelmetexpert.com/ https://weldinghelmetpros.com/ And here's one that talks about the EU's relatively new rating system being used as an attempt to provide some objectivity to the highly subjective topic of viewing quality: https://www.thefabricator.com/article/safety/1-1-1-1-clarity All the top of the line helmets seem to be great. Optrel 684, Speedglas 9100, Miller Elite, Jackson BH3, Lincoln 3350. All fantastic, and even with the unrealized expense, they're still all more money than I can justify spending. However, there is also one lower priced contender that just kept popping up... The Antra AH6-260-0000. This one seems to be very highly rated despite the costs. It's seemed to be at the very top of everyone's "Best helmet for the money" category. So, I was just about ready to pull the trigger on the Antra AH6-260-0000 when I noticed that all the sensors are in a line across the top of the window. I can picture welding positions where all of these sensors get blocked. Might be very unlikely, but I think it's possible. In the end, I went with the Lincoln 2450, and here's why. It's got the same optical technology as the very highly rated 3540, but has a smaller viewing window, and hence a lower price tag. But the biggest reason I went with the Lincoln over the Antra is that it has four sensors as well, but they are in the four corners of the lens. I cannot come up with an easy way to shadow all of them at once. And it's TIG rated down to 2A or so. I went with the cheapest "Name brand" helmet I could find with four sensors in the corners of the lens. If you think the four sensors in a line aren't an issue, then the Antra sounds like a great alternative for a lot less money. Keep in mind that I'm no welder. I know just enough to make myself dangerous. And light stuff on fire.
  10. I wonder if there is a good course to play in Branson?
  11. kats

    Splash Pan

    Hi, I found black one from Jan.1970 issued "car graphic"in japan. This car must be built in 1969 due to the date of issue of magazine. I can see the black splash pan under the S20 engine.This is a fairlady Z432. So,black pan had already been seen in 1969,I can say there have been two colors (black and silver)from 1969.

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