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  1. I just got finished tweaking my new ZTherapy carbs today. Had I known the difference they would make, I would have ordered these two years ago. My car has always run rough and rich and I could never get the originals set right. The car runs so smooth now and has more power than it ever has. Not sure if others here on the site have had any issues or not but I am extremely pleased, they were well worth the cost to me.
  2. Gents, got the Z on the road today. She runs and drives a little rough but what can I expect after she was abandoned 18 years ago and no competent mechanic ever fixed back her up. I installed a new brake master and clutch master today and bleed the system, It doesn’t idle well and hovers around 500 rpm while coughing a bit there, I tried to adjust the idle screw and it had no effect. I also think 2nd gear has a problem because when I accelerate in 2nd it starts okay and then around 3,000 rpm and makes this loud whine and the acceleration stops. Not sure what that means. Well, she run well enough to drive on and off trailer so I can get her to NC. Check out the video of the first drive.
  3. I found this site on like the 7th page of a google search. I hadn't heard of them. I was looking for 510 seals but they also have Z and ZX seals. I haven't really studied the prices but I thought it might be an interesting source. FWIW http://www.vintagerubber.com/240z.aspx
  4. Hallo, here is a set of IronCross ( 280ZX) on a 1971 240Z. I like the combination
  5. Continued the part removal process. Removed the Transmission and drive shaft. Also started removing door hardware and windows. I may be able to get this off to the paint shop by next week. That would be nice since the paint job is the long pole in the process. Paint will take about 4-5 months. Will work on motor re-furb, and undercarriage parts while body is at the body/paint shop.
  6. I think you are going have to find a parts car and cut that piece out.
  7. Maybe, but would one of these be worth the effort at $100k value? In 10 years that's what these early cars will probably bring. Now admittedly these will take a lot of work, but I have seen people redo worse It just takes time and money
  8. Check the fusible links on the passenger's fender well. Read this, he did all the stuff on a '77 too. Saved me tons of money on mine. http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electricalconnections/index.html Then do this, http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/fuel/g3filter/index.htm here's the whole gold mine, http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/ You have a good car to get help here, many helpful people on here with '77s. Good luck, it's cold outside, we're stuck inside and everybody's dying to help someone.

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