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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. knowing my luck, I would win an auction like this and end up with a bunch of 310 parts and a used smog pump for $2,000. So then I would be telling myself, "well you never know. You just might need that someday...".
  3. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/10/11/flat-out-datsun-280z
  4. No over-flowing doesn't mean the float level is correct. No over flowing just means that the needle and seat aren't stuck open or fuel pressure isn't too high. The floats could be too low which could cause the white (not tan) plugs 2.75 turns down at normal driving. I still want to know if the fuel level is 1/16" or so below the top of the nozzle when it's 2 1/2 turns down. This tip for checking the float level at the nozzle isn't mine. It came from Bruce Palmer at ZTherapy.
  5. Redwing

    Jai's Status

    I thank you Mark for sending the door parts. I took heed of your suggestion, and the door works perfectly now with having saturated the hinge and the striker plate, etc., with WD - 40. So not sure if I need to get the parts replaced or not. Guess time will tell. Jai
  6. If you would just get a wideband O2 sensor you would have already fixed this issue!!!!
  7. From the parts book Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  8. Are those the tubes that poke into the exhaust ports through the exhaust manifold into the head? If so, have you removed the air pump? If these are what I think they are and you (or PO) removed the air pump, you need to block the holes. Otherwise you'll have outside air going directly into the exhaust ports in the head. I would think this would be a major exhaust leak that would also be prone to backfires.
  9. Photo shows 72 or 72 240z I looked up two parts in Boxes: 1 Timing Chain 2 Nissan Caliper Seal kit Other Parts: Caliper hardware (sealed) Brake Master (bagged) Alternator (bagged) Plug wires (Belden) Choke Lever TEAC cassette or 8 Track Smog pump (used) Starter Remanufactured "Datsun" starter (in box) Alternator V Reg (non-nissan) Diodes (boxed) Wiper Arms (Boxed) Air filter (Boxed) 2 coils Lower rad hose upper rad hose washer pump (boxed) Some cloth braided hoses and some bagged used clutch clutch (boxed) oil filters oil cap (bagged) relays water pump U joint Fuel Pump Carter Electric? (boxed) Carb kits (boxed)
  10. I'll check that out Mark. That's the sound I'm hearing, barley spinning throw out- not fully off the fingers of the pressure plate. Yes I do have an adjustable rod under the dash, but both cars have the newer self adjusting slave cylinder. There's a spec in the FSM for the clutch pedal to the floor I set them to but can't remember that number now. I'll break out the Big Book today and double check. Thank you Sir.
  11. Hi Sean, these are the dimensions measured roughly, excuse the diagram. Might be suitable as a big bore option for your line of exhausts. Reinhard stopped selling them separately after I got this in 2013. A few Aus guys tried buying them but they would only sell the entire system.
  12. Cliff, do you have a little free play in the clutch release arm when the clutch is out? The clutch that went into the RX7 was an Excedy. No throw-out bearing noise. basically the same set-up as a Z.
  13. Wait... Have I been looking at it all wrong?? I'm thinking "I better hurry... I'm running out of time to do something stupid!"
  14. I run 3" mandrel bent all the way to the rear then split it into twin 60mm at the Reinhard muffler. It must get fairly warm, the tips changed colour after the first track day. Not sure what the flow rates are when comparing 3" with twin 60mm.
  15. Hmmm... Let's make Dave take us both! How about a Datsun trailer Dave? Find an old 520 and take the bed off the back and covert it.
  16. It's already been one full year, where has the time go? I'm working on my son's '70 240Z. Luckily we found an OEM driver's side inner fender in Vermont and got it in time for Christmas! Replacing the inner fender and frame rail. Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off To Weld We Go!! Uh Oh, So Many More Years To Go Go!! hahaha Happy New Year!!
  17. Bad news. I talked to an experienced engine builder. I told him that I only measured 1 piston ring gap (I seriously don't understand why I did this). He strongly recommended to start over, and that's what I am going to do ..first engine, lesson learnt! I just hope that I won't run into any issues with reusing the head and rod bolts.

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