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  1. Brian passed away last night in his home in Auckland surrounded by his family. He was a good friend and mentor to some here. He was very knowledgeable about 240 Zeds and was very willing to share that knowledge and to help anyone who asked. We met on this site and when we traveled to New Zealand in 2011 he and his wife, Sheryl, welcomed us with open arms. I'll never forget the luncheon given to us by the New Zealand Z Car Club organized by Brian or the personal tour around Auckland. He was a gentle true spirit and I will miss him very much. He is finally pain-free. He had fought prostate cancer, heart problems and injuries from a construction accident which damaged his shoulders (in true Brian-like fashion he put power steering in his Zed so he could still drive it). Rest in Peace old friend. See you on the other side. Mike
  2. Perfect. You've had your car apart for a while and probably don't remember where everything goes. Take some time to remind yourself before you bend the new lines. Use the old lines as templates! Reference these pics, I put the old lines on first and then bent new ones when I was sure where everything went. I have more if you need them. We have the same year car and believe it or not, it isn't as straightforward as you would think.
  3. Spoken like a true 16 year old! Keep up the good work, but be prepared for comments and advice when you post your updates. Posting to this forum is kind of like writing a letter to "Dear Abby". You may get sound advice you don't want to hear. Just keep in mind that you're going to get comments backed by a few thousand years of Datsun Z ownership experience. Take the advice you like and blow off the rest, you're 16, we've all been there. Dennis
  4. Oh to be 16 again, especially with all the time you have! Like Jay said above, it's just the internet, don't take it personally. You have a lot of older, seasoned folks here who only have your best interest in mind. All that aside, you've made tremendous progress. Just avoid the girls for awhile to help you keep focused!
  5. Hi Gave, I have got the special nuts from Yahoo Japan auction, I have never seen the other one at the auction, this is the only one which I saw at the auction 15 years experience. I wish someone can make the special nuts and sell with a good price . Kats
  6. Very happy to hear it I Hope they make you smile every single day!
  7. Mark you are true speed freak! I used to be but when a 400lb motorcycle would get close to 200mph I knew my brain couldn't keep up with that and bought a dual sport DRZ 400. 80mph tops! I'm still alive but crippled up as hell from all the wrecks I've had so I agree and highly recommend some driving training from Someone. That RB motor in a 240 is going to be rocket and as much as love the 240 they are not new enough to handle curves at speeds that motor will put out.
  8. Oh. how I wish there were Z's around when I was sixteen. I would have had one at any price. After thinking about it tho, at that age and always loving speed (mph) it was probably a good thing that I started with drag racing. I undoubtedly would have crashed AT LEAST one Z. While I'm reminiscing, @jchoi have you considered driving school? Not the ordinary kind. Most sports car racing organizations and tracks offer driving schools, classroom and on track experience. Probably the most fun and the best money I ever spent on my Z.
  9. i used the tabco parts also. it took a little work to get the fit right, but they turned out fine
  10. Would tabco still be the best to go for? I've noticed quite a few companies offer panels, but tabco seems to be the biggest?.. I'll have a read of that when it comes to it! I guess that's just part of owning an old car Donor metals over here are rare, so I guess I'll look at fabricating some myself. If that fails then I'll try for some replacement parts. The money's been sent to the escrow, who will be conducting an inspection and then buying assuming it passes. Hoping that the car will be here in the next 6 weeks!
  11. Now I feel bad. Until I think back to all of the unsafe things I did at 16. Besides that, the bling factor is strong for that tank. Seems way early in the game to be buying and installing a fuel cell. The path of bling is fraught with peril and expense. You'll need Triple A, for instance. Or friends with a Z car bolt pattern, close by.
  12. If you can find a decent 73 bumper you can have it straightened and re-chromed for about $300 at Tri City Plating in TN. Chuck
  13. I have only had one experience with Paltech, as he refurbished the DCOEs on my Roadster. Car would not run after very well. He had installed one of the venturis in backwards... They do look fantastic though. As my old DCOE's on my Z are getting older and 'wearing' in, I think they could use a bit of a tune up. I may try myself, but we will see. I do love playing with carbs. Have not done a total rebuild on one since my Holley 4150 days.
  14. They are great looking wheels. Hope you manage to get your set sorted. Dream wheels for sure. At one point I thought an Italian company did something very very similar but I can't find any details.
  15. I love these Kobe Seiko wheels, 1 of the best looking wheel for an early S30Z. Alan knows that I'm working on getting a set here in Australia... I'll let you know how that pans out... Are those wheel nuts still obtainable?
  16. Thanks for the coments i check on the shifter and found the four bolts on it were loose,i tight theme up and solve the problem. Sent from my SM-G360P using Classic Zcar Club mobile