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  1. Mike B

    Series I antenna

    My 5/72 production car, has 40,000 miles and the original pointed tip antenna, It is the exact same antenna as far as I can tell as my four 1969 production cars and my 1970 Z-L. I don't think there are any differences in original antennas up through 1973 at least.
  2. Jason240z

    2400 valve cover

    Yes, one came up in the UK. another piece of the puzzle!
  3. siteunseen

    Brakes stuck

    EDIT: Oh yeah, the whole reason I posted was to say I think your original paint will shine like a new nickel and I love #920 Safari Gold, it's my favorite behind #918 Orange I agree with Jonathan on the original paint, from what I can see of the pictures. I found some touch up paint from amazon.com, talked to the guy and told him how old the car was and he sent me an almost exact match. I washed mine a few times then did the touch ups and had it wheeled down. The guy that cut the paint offered to buy the car for double what I paid. The night I got it home After a lot of elbow grease and soap After the wheeling and polishing by a pro
  4. Mike B

    #187 on BAT

    Congrats on winning the car Phuong. I made a cursory initial bid, but then decided I should just focus on the couple of project 1969 production cars I already have. One is a 901 silver similar to yours (#238), so I decided I didn't really need another early silver car. I'm planning on getting that car acid dipped this summer and then starting body work on it this fall or next year. You are right, they are still out there to be found. I found three local to me an one in NJ via Hemmings. The key is finding one as complete as you can. Yours is missing a few things but has many of the unique early items. A few reproduction items are available now and some are easier to source than others. I'll be eagerly awaiting your posts after you get the car. I should start a thread of my own regarding the last 1969 car I found a couple of years ago (#480). In spite of the higher vin # I think it was one of the first 20 cars to arrive in the US in LA in Jan 1970. It would have been on the same boat as the #492 car that BRE received and built into their first 240Z race car.
  5. Diseazd

    Stroker 3.1

    You know it Mitch.....not sure if they will be Mikunis, but there will be 3 side draft something's hanging off to one side! I know if I didn't, you'd never let me hear the end of it.....you and my son Brandon win.
  6. Mike B

    Gas cap change?

    Jerry, I don't think any of my 1969 production cars have the chain (highest VIN is #480). I have #32 (HLS30) in the garage and just confirmed it doesn't have the chain. The other cars are stored at another garage so I would have to wait until the next time I'm out there to confirm on those. I can't recall when the chain was added other than sometime in 1970.
  7. dmorales-bello

    Electric Servos Instead Of Vacuum Driven HVAC

    Site, you paint so many mental pictures in so many levels with this post that I've read it 4 times and can't stop grinning every time. Best post I've read since I joined this great group!
  8. munters

    When and Where did You get yours?

    I went skiing with friends in spring 85 an saw the 72 on the side of the road for sale for 6000. It was the first i have ever seen (43 where sold in switzerland). The WE later it was mine with a bankloan (first and last) on my back. Payd it back, took it apart putt all parts in a garage and restored it 27 years later finished last year. Drive it now every day and fell back in love with it.
  9. 240260280

    #187 on BAT

    Pictures @kats may like: Rubber Carpet Seat Protector Plastic Knob Original Spare Oct 1969 Date Stamp Seat belt Hook Location Rubber Flooring Material No Bulb Access Clear Hatch Glass
  10. 26th-Z

    with or without chain

    kats, My gas cap does not have a chain. However, it has grips on top of the cap and this is very convenient for my fat fingers! My parts fiche lists 17251-E4101 as the original gas cap. The supesede number 17251-E4102 describes the cap with chain and four later numbers all describe the cap with chain. The first date associated with the third cap upgrade is 4/72. I personally do not like the chain because the cap could scratch the paint. I think you have the option to decide depending on the date of your car. Clearly the first caps came without the chain but it was added quickly. It is quite possible a 3/70 build date would not have a gas cap chain.
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