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  1. Hey guys, yes I've unbiasedly hidden a few posts in this thread. Please keep in mind that any post should be on-topic and not intended to attack or cause a fight (trolling). Please consider that I have a life and cannot police all topics and posts. I only focus on the posts that are a violation of our ethics and conditions of use. For instance, I cannot stop someone from being an arse, but, I can stop them from violating the rules. I don't have preference for anyone on this site, but, I do want to make sure the overall subject matter remains on topic. And, if you are typing something and think a keyboard and a monitor are enough to protect you from a punch in the nose, please don't post it. Lastly, please don't take our site into the realm of zcar.com land. Ad revenue might increase as more people jump into the fight, but, I really don't want our little place in history to be known as an unfriendly place. This would devastate me because I've managed to keep this place going for over 20 years. Thanks, Mike
  2. G'day Gav, I used a small non-metallic brush (pictured) with a good degreaser product to get all of the small grooves cleaned out - very tedious process. Then I fitted the plate to the edge of my workbench with a couple of spare screws to stabilize it and hit it with a polishing wheel and compound (also pictured). The grooves are hard to polish, a Dremel tool with a soft buffing tip can get in there and finish them. Screw the stainless screws into a piece of wood or the workbench and hit them with the buffing wheel. A final wipedown with NverDull or similar product can give a protective coating. Jim
  3. So for those questioning the value riddle me this, why is a Toyota 2000GT a $1M + car now? What about a Ferrari GTO? Why are they worth $30M +? Surely these are all just cars that go point A to point B. No doubt many modern cars could do the job a lot better, cheaper, reliably and at a lower cost and fuel efficiency? The Z432 needs to be viewed in the context of the fact that it was a car you could buy in late 1969, the engineering in the S20 is impressive and the parts and components that went with it. The fact that a LHD 240z (HLS30) can still be bought cheap is a function of large remaining supply, and unfortunately many were under appreciated. A similar era 911 would cost at least 3-4x a similar S30Z and yet I know which I'd prefer and do own. If you don't see the value in the Z432 that's fine, clearly others do. Frankly I'm appalled at what has been done to many S30Z's and sadly continues to be done to them to this day. But that's what people want to do and until they have exhausted the supply of S30Z's to the point where you can no longer pick 1 up cheaply, I suspect it won't change. Thankfully those days are numbered and they can spend all their time cutting up S13/S14/AE86 etc.. until those become rare enough and desirable in about 20 years. Then someone will have the audacity to post an immaculate original 1 on a forum somewhere and be told it's over-priced. Thus the circle will be complete.
  4. A sure sign the conversation is ending: a totally different car from a totally different era is presented as an alternate-use-case to whatever is currently being discussed.
  5. The only numbers that speak is the cash someone parts with to own one. Your reasoning, however valid, idealistic or delusional, is moot and holds precisely zero relevance to those that own or aspire to own a Z432. The market is the market for reasons beyond reason.
  6. Remove the weatherstrip from that door and close the door and hold it in position so that as much as the door is aligned with the front and rear fender, then see if it fits differently/better. This will give you an un-biased indication if the door fits the opening or if the weatherstrip is in fact holding it away. The fit overall is pretty good, I would not be suing the shop just yet. You can tap the pinch weld where the weatherstrip sits and bend it back into the car a bit to adjust how close the weatherstrio comes to the door. Also after a few months the weatherstrip will compress and the door will likely fit better. You cna then tap the pinchweld back into alignment. This is normal body fitment work. They didn't do anything "wrong".
  7. I'm glad your not my accountant...cause that math don't make sense to me...How well "restored" do you think most $25k HLS30's are anyway? By that same token of being over-priced an early air cooled 911 is just a VW Beetle with a few panel and badging differences....oh and a whole lot of ego missing...
  8. That engine stainless steel bolt kit from Zcardepot.com was very nice for $99, I forgot about that. It has all your exhaust manifold studs with proper lock nuts included. Everything is separately packaged and labeled, very nice. He may have a bearing kit too, I like the way he does things by getting everything together for you and selling it all together as a kit. I would also buy some Aviation Gasket Sealer and a bottle of Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant from Advance Auto with the discount. If you have a store close by, use the "ship to store" option at checkout and pick it up there. No shipping charges. I wasn't too happy with the felpro rear main crank seal and those flat side seals and nails. The second motor i bought a Nissan seal and the side seals, way better in my opinion. I've got those part numbers in a file I can post later.
  9. And it went for its inaugrial 'toodle" around the block this evening. Other than the lack of muffler, it was un-eventful. No police summoned from mad neighbors, it goes, stops, turns, lights work. Midas, here we come in the morning. Good thing its only 1.5 miles away.
  10. Just call me Mark, Thanks for the pics. I've never seen that before. Ken, There's absolutely no way I would ever ever try to put those rods into place once the hinges are mounted on the car. If you managed to do that without screwing up your paint, then I humbly bow to your dexterity. Heck, I messed up the paint on my hinges and that was while putting them together on the bench. With the help of a BF vice... Sending you a PM as well.
  11. Don't forget to check with zcardepot! Great prices and even better service
  12. Your case? It seems to be one of repeated miscomprehension and lack of imagination. You talk about "the numbers". Here are a few other 432 numbers for you to juggle with: 5, 192, 6, 15.1, 400, 25. There's some fun to be had in guessing what they refer to in this context. Here's a clue: Your 'NA 240Z' didn't have them. But of course, if you focus only on "the numbers" you miss the point. Sorry but it's something that you either get or you don't. As xs10shl pointed out, somewhere out there in the ether there's a plain vanilla 911E owner protesting that his car isn't all that much different than the 911 RS changing hands for twenty times more. Surely that 911E owner doesn't need to be told that it's not all about "the numbers"? When someone buys a 911RS they are not simply buying a set of performance figures. When you give a girl a diamond ring, you're not just giving her a stone. So you're saying that - given the free choice - you'd give her the paste over the diamond?
  13. No, I don't recognise it as any more desireable than any other Z, it is rare only because not many were made and that's because it wasn't profitable and it is interesting because it is part of the Z family. It's performance specs were impressive compared to its competition in its racing campaign and compared to the market it was released into. That was then, now it is compared to the other variants of the Z family that were being made at the same time, in that light it doesn't shine so brightly. Compared to its lowly cousin, the NA 240Z it only showed modest performance gains. I'm not making that up, honest. I know that is not the standard dewy eyed party line but there it is. You know the performance numbers of these cars as well as anyone, perhaps better, yet you keep going on about diamond rings, oil paintings and bubble jet printers. The numbers speak for themselves, the reason you won't address those numbers is because they prove my case and not yours. My case is the Z432 is just one of members of the Z family and nothing more. For those who bought their Z432 when the price was reasonable,
  14. found it, power brake exchange got it from autozone, but you can buy direct, talk to them 1st etc... get the details on what you will be getting. http://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-power-booster/power-brake-exchange-brake-power-booster/322592_131640_0_212659/?checkfit=true
  15. One might also consider that 2000cc is an important number when it comes to race eligibility. Perhaps an L24 can be stroked to add lots more horsepower than an S20, but that point is largely moot, because a car with an L24 would be ineligible to participate in an "under 2000cc" race regardless. The S20-powered car could happily compete with it's period 2000cc peers, and the L24-powered car might be thrown into a 3 liter class or larger. For a "like-for-like" 2000cc displacement, compare the L20 to the S20 as the period JDM market did, and many (perhaps most) concluded that the S20 was the better engine. That said, only 420 people concluded it was worth finding a way to pay double the list price of an S30 for a PS30, which is what makes the car so rare today.
  16. Deleted. I think I was on-point but it's already established knowledge. Mike should have stepped in at "dimwit". We have a new Tony D in our midst. Thanks for the "like" grannyknot. Best to just move on with the light sarcasm and easy discussion this thread was meant to foment. If HS30 gets his bloomers in a wad that's his problem.
  17. I bought my parts a little cheaper than what you have shown. If those are Nissan I can understand the difference. I bought all I could from Advance Auto online and used a 30% discount code. I also bought my cam kit from Schneider Cams for $427. I sent in a JAPAN marked cam and they sent me a cut cam (not mine) and the springs plus new retainers and lash pads. I called and talked with them beforehand and the guy told me I would have to buy new rockers or have mine resurfaced to be in compliance with their warranty. I've read dozens of people saying the same as Leon V says above but for another $50 I thought it was worth it. So $500 for a complete cam kit using my cam and rockers. It's their number 270-90F, MSA calls it a Stage III. The Felpro manifold gasket is shaped like a diamond on the exhaust ports to match square and round headers/manifolds. The Nissan matches the square ports on my MSA header perfect, it's the head that I had to grind. Most of the parts you're buying will have their own gaskets, timing cover, water pump and oil pump but it's nice to have the whole kit if you've never put one together. When I did #2 rebuild I bought a Felpro head gasket and that Nissan manifold gasket, used the ones that came with the parts and cut the rest out of gasket material I bought from a chain store. It was only the coolant inlet and outlet and the carburetors. It would be nice if you could find a newer head and rob the oiler cam and towers to put on the E88, plus the spray bar. You'd want a turbo high volume oil pump...blah blah blah. I could go on forever.
  18. Just based on my experience, it's almost always impossible to explain to people why I put a larger dollar value on a car like a Z432 vs, say, a stock 1970 Z, or even a modified Z with a Rubello engine. The difference between these examples happens to matter to me, but I acknowledge I'm in the super-minority. I can confirm the same arguments are heard across Marques. There are plenty of enthusiasts with a 1973 Porsche 911 who wonder why their car is only worth $50,000, while the guy with the 1973 RS can sell his for $1,000,000. Or why the guy with the 1960 Ferrari 250 PF II cabriolet sells his car for $2 million, while the guy with the 250 LWB California - nearly the exact same car, save for a few body panels- gets $14 million for his. The nerdy answer fundamentally is that there are enough marque fanatics who are students of the differences, and a select few more that have the means to insist on buying only the top-end specifications, thus creating a market spread. In the case of the Z432, there are perhaps less than 200 surviving examples to choose from, in various states of originality, so when one comes up, you either buy it, or wait (potentially a long while) for the next one.
  19. http://www.hammondsplains.com/z/zworld/zraceproducts/ Gas shock conversion kit Check out the new Gas shock conversion kit! This gives any Z a cool "showroom look", provides a great deal of open space for installing an inner cooler, and allows you to place your hood in any position! Plus installation is fairly easy and our kit includes a step by step installation booklet. This kit will fit most Z cars: from 240 - 280ZX. Weight: 4.0 lbs. Price: $157.00 Shipping: from $17.95
  20. By the way, I'm up for a proper discussion on the PS30 Fairlady Z432 if anyone else is. Informed, intelligent discourse - robustly presented - is always welcome. It might even pour over into a bit of philosophy (nothing means anything anyway, does it?) and there might be some mist and fog around the more nebulous edges of the topic, but we might actually get somewhere that the comments above won't take us to. Your "Emperor's clothing" and "fool and his money" comments appear to be throwaway lines intended to stir up a discourse that you are ill-equipped to take an informed part of. Perhaps you should leave it to people who know what they are talking about, or whom are willing to learn?
  21. First of all, it's Alan. A-L-A-N. Got it? Secondly, the name of this forum is classiczcars.com (got it?). If you don't recognise the PS30 Fairlady Z432 as one of the most desirable, rare and interesting iterations of the S30-series Z then maybe you are on the wrong forum? If Mike is going to be looking back at anything he might want to take a peep at many of the recent posts from you and your sidekick (many of which have been, ahem, deleted...), which are often off-message, off colour and - in my opinion - more suited to the level of zcar.com than classiczcars.com. My comments about philistinism still stand. It's hard to take seriously anyone who snorts "you get a $20,000 car and a whole lot of ego", and I wonder if you would like to point it out to the 432/432R owners who frequent this forum? Does the comparison still stand if the car in question is HLS30-00013?
  22. Reassuring to see the forum dimwits being dimwits. We can't be far from an 'LS-it' meme... The "what's all the fuss about" viewpoint is half philistinism and half luddite. If a G-Shock tells the time more accurately, why would you ever buy a vintage Girard Perregaux? Why buy an oil painting when you can have a bubble-jet printed poster for next to nothing? If she can't tell the difference, you might as well give your wife a paste ring instead of wasting all that money on a real diamond.
  23. Yes, I have test fitted them, see pics below. I have auto Windows on mine so I didn't have the window crank installed for the pic. Overall they fit pretty well. Very little to minimal persuasion to make them fit. I had no issues but only very little with lining up the clips and they worked out.

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