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  1. Had a great day Sunday with my 1972 Lemon Lime 240Z at the Misslewood Concours d'Elegance in Beverly, MA. She took Best in Class at a very prestigious show. This is great news for us 240's owners as the Datsun name and mark are starting to get noticed. Considering the quality of cars that were in attendance this is huge. Jeff Mader
  2. Suprise! I used one of Chas's brackets to mount reproduction 240z bumpers on my early '74 260z with only slight tweaking. Behold:
  3. Sorry Cliff, I must vote for the Camry to go .... Just don't go out until its cooler.
  4. That one is worth looking at.
  5. Ok I will take your guys advice I'm sure you guys have much more experience with these cars then I do. I'll just keep keep looking for now one will pop up eventually.
  6. It's your project! We all have our own thresholds for perfection. Lord knows I spent a lot of time restoring bits and pieces that will never see the light of day because I wanted them just so (see my parking brake linkage?). Personally if some joker gets down on the ground and tries to crawl under my car to criticize my welding I think I'll just stomp him!
  7. I'm on final approach for this event. In theory, I'm registered and have hotel reservations. My plan is to spend Wednesday night in Niagara Falls, CA and then finish the drive to Toronto on Thursday morning. Here's my rough interpretation of the schedule of events for the days: Tuesday - Opening reception at hotel and chili party dinner evening Wednesday - Judged show at hotel and dinner cruise evening Thursday - Track day at motorsport course and distillery district evening Friday - Autocross and road rally - nothing planned for evening Saturday - Peoples choice car show at Bruce's Mill and awards banquet evening Obviously, I'm going to miss the first two days, but I'm planning to do the distillery district event and go to the people's choice show on Saturday (as a spectator, not a contestant). And I'm hoping to make the banquet at the end. Who's the social director this time? I can foresee another emergency meeting of the ClassicZ Club at the hotel bar!
  8. Now that I'm able to explain, unable to get a reply box? I try to keep up but I know everybody else does to. So wealth has nothing to do with it, determination is all you need and this forum. Money helps but time and the right information is all I need. Cliff
  9. Get a big cam and run the triples, you will not regret it. Call and talk to your cam grinder to figure out what profile fits your needs. Regarding compression, I ended up at nearly 11:1 on CA pump 91 and didn't realize my CR was so high until I re-ran the calcs. I haven't noticed any pinging but I'll admit I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of tuning yet...
  10. Still a sad day when a car is sold...
  11. Alright, good work Steve! FWIW, I prime fresh motors with the valve cover off (internally oiled cam). Last time I did it, I primed with the rockers removed as to not run them dry. Oil everything up and spin the motor until oil starts flowing from the lobes. It takes longer than you may think.
  12. Seriously? For the 19th time, http://jarvas240z.blogspot.com/2013/01/electric-fuel-pump-installation.html
  13. As a thread revive..... Its now painted... I've no idea where to start, I've removed the panels, they're hanging safe. A couple of bits to sort out. I'm thinking...... protect the box sections with dinitrol prep and paint chassis subframe parts Sort suspension Fit the above Run loom's Fit glued on interior parts fit fuel and brake hoses tidy and fit tank Sound about right?
  14. Ok, this is our version 2.0. of the oscillator. Eric is going to send me a copy and I will try it on different clocks to see how accurate it it keeps time. We have a speed adjustment pot just just like the original oscillator had just in case. Fits nicely in the place where the original smaller circuit board was. oscillator running youtube
  15. The race is over and congratulations goes out to the 240z teams. 4 golds and one silver. Check out the gallery I put together here.
  16. Its now getting some paint on Etch/primer/stone chip/paint/lacquer etc etc. Loads of seam sealer, really hope I don't have to do all this again! I love the colour when its out in daylight

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