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  1. Finally getting some movement on the restoration of my S30 after months of being broke. The only comfort is that my car is in Jamaica while I am working in Barbados so the distance keeps me from getting frustrated. This was the day my friend went to pick it up from the previous owner who was restoring it but had some health challenges and decided to sell it. Circumstances were not ideal but lucky me. This was months after purchasing the car and I still had not been to Jamaica to see it. This was taken by another friend while the mechanic checked on the condition of the parts provided. The plan is to keep the matching L24 and upgrade things to make it more roadworthy. I was lucky enough to have a friend donate two (2) Mikuni 44 PHH's he found in a storeroom from his father's S30 and I got 2 more at a steal of a price. So now I have four 44 PHH's so I guess 1 will be spare. These will be restored at some point in the future and a Harada Shokai manifold purchased for them. But I will be using the 3 screw SUs to get her started and on the road. Thanks to Bruce for his advice and parts. And this is the last pic I received from the mechanic. Matching L24 should be going back in in the coming days. You know who is dying to go back home now.
  2. My wife and I will get in sometime Sunday afternoon or evening the 12th, depart on the following Sunday. Looking forward to meeting folks from this site.
  3. I made a schematic from the black and white schematic on atlanticz (and Thanks to Wayne (wal280z) for the effort). It was a little hard to follow with my laptop screen so it might have some mistakes in colours etc. This is the two standard versions (FED en CAL) with no modifications. I prefer to keep it as original as possible, so I would modify the internals of the TIU, keeping all the original wiring in place. Feel free to comment and suggest any corrections. Chas TIC280Z1976_REV1.pdf
  4. Watanabe RS in 15x8, 0 offset. Tires are 225/50/15 Toyo RA1's all around. Rolled fender lips and GC Coilovers for clearance, no spacers.

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