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  1. Yeah I know them feels. I really want to have the sedan stripped and repainted but I need to get the coupe undercover first
  2. Most people in the Enthusiast Community are used to seeing/finding really nice drivers for $16K or less. Many of us have done full restorations and the truth is, most of the time we don't keep track of what we have actually spent. So when some seemingly high numbers show up - no one believes it. I think we are all going to have to get used to it. It always happens when very desirable cars from 40 years ago - finally see their numbers all but exhausted. What is left are Beaters and Parts Cars or Concours Winning Museum pieces. That or cars that are simply not for sale at any price approaching reasonable. That has already happened to all the Muscle Cars of the 60's, all but completely happened to the 67/69 Camaros and desirable 65 to 69 Mustangs - and there were Millions of them!. Want a really nice 64 Pontiac GTO? Yes, we may not see 240Z's bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars like some Muscle Cars, or Shelby Mustangs.. but on the other hand I think we are seeing the final phase of the typical market segmentation, that takes place with all Classic, Collectable and Special Interest Cars. Sooner than we want - if you want a Datsun 240Z you will only find fully restored or very highly refreshed examples or Beaters and Parts Cars. The low end for a really nice weekend driver - but not Museum Quality example, will be $20K to $25K and the higher end #1 cars will all be over $60k. $25K to $35K will get you a really nice #3 example or a really nice Street Mod.. Cars that just a few years earlier were selling for $18K ... Increasing demand with dwindling supply. Greatly increasing cost of need restoration parts. The need to do a far better job of metal work / body work and paint - to preserve the value of the car.. Fewer and fewer people will be half-assing refreshes.. It always goes that way if you have been around long enough to witness it.. I'm sounding very old here I know. I also agree with Jeff - a deal well be made off-line - and we won't know what was actually paid - unless it winds up in Jeff's garage. FWIW, Carl B.

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