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  2. Just an FYI - follow-up on Fusible Wire Lengths. The Rule of Thumb is that you use a Fusible Wire that is 4 gauges smaller than the wiring you want to protect. So if your wiring is 14GA you would use an 18GA Fusible Wire link. Fusible Wires Lengths are Color Coded. Good tips on Fusible Links on the AutoZone Web Page. Note the function of the insulation on them. https://www.autozone.com/repairguides/Circuit-Protection/Fusible-Link/_/P-0900c1528026a7fd
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  4. I ordered the new Konis for the 240Z, but thet they won't fit in my front strut housings. They are just a little too long for the gland nut to reach the threads in the housing. Reaching the 1-4mm required gap is not possible. The part numbers stamped on my front strut housings are 54303-E4151 and 54302-E4151. My car is from 05/71. I'm 99% certain the housings are original to my car (it was 100% stock when I bought it), but they're not on MSAs list of standard strut housings for the 240Z. Can anyone shed some light on my strut housings? Are they stock? Does anyone have a complete list of strut housing part number for the 240Z. Also, has anyone successfully modified strut towers to make room for a slightly-too-long strut? My old KYB Excel G's are aroung 10mm shorter than the new Konis. The rear struts fit nicely.
  5. It’s been a big week for Nissan here in New York, celebrating the 50th anniversaries of its two most revered nameplates, the Z and GT-R. Nissan hosted a reception to honor the two models, bringing art, artists, and actual cars … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  6. Had to bump this topic as I was doing some reading and research on the story behind which Z actually showed up to the NY auto show in 1969. Has anyone been able to track down which 907 vin was at the show in NYC? So if I am getting my history lesson facts in order, the BSR vin #6 car had the roof dented and was given to Sharp BEFORE the NYC show. BTW, I was trying to get vin #6 down to the New York International Auto Show for the 2 weeks and there wasn't much interest even though Nissan is celebrating 50 years. I was able to organize a few local Z cars to be displayed as part of the Heritage cars, 2nd floor of the center and will have 35 local Z cars on display on 11th Ave while Nissan has their parade. I wish there was more talk of the history of the Z car at the auto show and information.
  7. Hi all, for some reason the door plate for my car was never found after the restoration. I have the engine plate, but am now looking to replace the door plate. Any of you have experience replacing the plate on your projects? If so, how did you go about stamping the VIN and production date on it? Looks like Zcar Depot has a plate I can buy, but, it doesn't seem to come with the custom stamp. https://zcardepot.com/collections/door-parts/products/data-plate-set-engine-and-year-240z-70-73?variant=19278798422129
  8. Mike

    Roadster Got Away

    This is a gallery of a roadster that got away from me. I didn't have the money at the time, but, kick myself for not buying it for $10k.
  9. Started a little upholstery work. Funny thing is that I actually enjoyed it. Never thought I would say that about upholstery. Of course, I only did the easy stuff today. Got the two bottom seat cushions done. Also got the headliner in and the window frame foam. Working with White, so need to keep the hands very clean. Seat cushion base was just $15 to powdercoat.....such a deal.
  10. OK. Update on Harada antenna to factory antenna wiring. Definitely established power wire a solid blue and is connected to single (non-bridged) red wire! This leaves only the question of the other (2) wires connection. There are two wires(bridged) from the toggle switch red & green and (2) factory antenna wires blue/white and blue/red stripes. Does anyone know if each color has to march specific connecting wire or can red, green and striped leads be be connected in any order ie: can I connect blue/white to either green OR red? Will this effect antenna operation in any way as apparently the bridging of toggle switch leads tells antenna to extend or retract as lever is moved up or down...it doesn’t’t seem like the “up or down” function is controlled by a factory, two color-specific, wiring order. Last question in this post, I swear! Please just share this last answer, hasn’t anyone else used a Harada aftermarket antenna and wired it to factory antenna wires? I am ignoring lead from head unit as it just complicates the whole picture and seems to be redundant and of no real value. Thanks y’all!!! Doug
  11. I will try to come by sometime early afternoon if that's ok. I got my charger fixed, I will have to re install the alt to get the fan belt to work (for the pump), I may even hook up the external regulator so I can keep the battery charged.
  12. Ok yep the blue line for the radio worked for switched power and there were two black lines one didn’t seem to go to ground maybe to a speaker. The other was ground and it works perfect now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The cool thing about any exotic car with a manual transmission is that you eliminate a lot of younger car thieves who only know how to shift an automatic. All is good unless they bring a trailer. Dennis
  14. Yes fill it, your gears are far more important than a little leak. A leak from any car is frowned upon now but back in day when these cars were new there was a foot wide black oil streak down the center of every lane in North America, virtually every car dripped something and that was normal.
  15. Hi guys, I just completed most of the engine tune up work today 🙂 Now it's time to move onto the suspension. The stock suspension is very bouncy on our 1977 280z. My fiance and I are mainly going to be using the Z for driving around on the weekends and also for hitting the canyons every now and then. I want to lower the car to 1-1.5 inches. I don't plan on putting fender flares and maybe just using 215 tires on 16 inch wheels. What do you guys think would be the best option for suspension? I was looking at Megan Coilovers for $800, CX Racing for $882 or just eibach springs and KYB struts. How do you guys like your setups?
  16. Radiator ready to go! I’m off tomorrow too if you want to swing by. Have a box fan too if you need one. Also have an old school charger if you need it.
  17. A KCG10 or Kenmeri Skyline maybe. Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk Edit:I`d definitely give up my ZX for either.
  18. who needs a car stereo when you can wear a bone phone? ahhh the 70's audio industry! https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/09/bone-fone-the-terror/279474/
  19. I like that AAR plan. I have a rad coming from JSM was planning on just putting a box fan in front of it.
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  21. Hey that’s great I will check that out tonight and post back if it’s working Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. When I was messing with mine I blocked the AAR port and just opened up the idle screw for starting then slowly closed it up as the engine got warm. I had a leaky radiator but no fan. Took a while to get steamy.
  23. If you want to use the old stereo power, look for a blue wire. There are actually two that you could use. One is on a 6 wire connector (stereo), and the other is on a 3 wire connector (antenna).
  24. Long range plan... the wood go kart I always wanted to build as a 8 yr old.
  25. A few things I need to work on, clearly running too cold, as disconnecting the water temp switch was required to operate (infinite resistance) also I would like to use a start switch so I can take advantage of the "Start signal" enrichment from the ECU. The cold start valve leaks from the plastic crimp, I replaced it with a good one but the thermo time was Kaput. Its prob not needed anyway as even with the constant water running it prob is too warm to fire (its in the 80's here and the water temp running thru the engine was maybe 70f, which may or may not fire). Hope the Rad and thermostat will get more normal operating temps to better test out the ECU. Also the AAR I think is stuck open, the idle screw had to be fully closed and it still idled too high from the sounds of it. I have a spare AAR and will go ahead and install a spare thermo time just for the heck of it. I can get one of those universal start switches as well hooked up.
  26. stereo for me would be some mind blower speakers!
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