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    • Jon Mansker
      By: LongliveZED · 07/19/2021
      Nice looking car.  I've got a 1977 with the exact color scheme.  I thought mine was in good shape but your interior has been taken better care of.  I want to keep mine as close to original as possible but I'm having a heck of a time finding the off white interior for it.  Most came with the black interior unfortunately.  Best of luck.
    • HLS30-00249
      By: 240260280 · 03/27/2021
    • Datsun 240Z
      By: prostore@ix.netcom.com · 01/04/2021
      What a great name for your Z.
    • Jims Zee
      By: crshowers · 06/29/2019
      Question: Are those after market bumpers and did they come with the rubber inserts? Looking to replace my bumpers but not seeing any with the rubber inserts included.  Thanks


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