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Stock as a rock the other not

Stock as a rock the other not


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Thanks Guys. I believe the stocker was colour matched to the original but it was painted by the previous owner that is a panel shop owner about a year ago and my little fatty Z was a colour that I picked out off a chart. Just a nice bright red that I really like.

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i reakon these shots show how sexy the flares, spoilers and rims make zeds look, and i think i know which one would be more fun to drive! although having a stock one would be nice so you know you can hack up the other one as much as you want as if you ever do want an orginal one its sitting there!

i think its time for me to order one of the rear spoilers...

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Yes it's a very nice original Z Sulio, I was tempted to buy it myself. I'm glad Nathan bought it because it removes the temptation.

If I had such an original car I'd just buy some rims like panasports and put the hubcaps on for car shows.

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Hi Guys,

Yer Nathans plan is to get some nice wheels for it and lower it so it should come up looking real nice.

Anyhow funny story behind the car is that Nathan actually tried to buy it as I did about 4 years ago when I was doing up my other Z. At that time the car was not painted but stripped in pieces as it sat for years and was totally exposed in regards to condition so it was easy to spot that it would be a nice base to start with. The only reason it fell into my hands was the last owner is sort of semi retired and ran out of room in his paint shop which is now half leased out.

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yep all mine.... in my old age, ive come to respect the classic lines and way of the car, very happy about the purcharse, just some simple wheels and basic suspension modifications will occur, then L29 with injection is the long goal, but will get the L24 up and running properly first

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