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What year Zcar do you own?


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Early '74 260Z

New Jasper L26

'72 SU's w/stacks & ITG's

3-row cooling



MSA rear disc conversion

Tokico / Eibach suspension

MSA strut bars

"General Lee" wheels w/Falken Azenis

Corbeau seats

Duct tape / Zip ties / Velcro:laugh:

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I have been the happy owner of two 240Zs.... both 1972.

First one was purchased in '72 and sold '82.

Second Z found it's way to my place through eBay about 14 months ago.

(My Lord, what I have been missing all of those years!)


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I drive a 11/70 240Z. It is going through some modifications although most are unseen in the pictures. The first photo is how the car looked when I purchased her in Maryville, Tennessee about 2 years ago. It came with a Nismo R180 LSD, front, Type-A 5 speed, and rear anti-sway bars. Since then I've installed Illuminas, Eibach springs, four wheel disc brakes, custom built Porsche CV axles, SS exhaust system, Dellorto triples, and the RH C2 wheels (off my accord and fitted with spacers from Ross at MM). More to come...






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My first car was a black 79 280zx... My son's first car will be the 72 240z *project* that we just bought from a neighbor. The 240z has been sitting for quite a few years... The engine is seized and it needs some paint, but the body and interior look real good. I've already got a donor motor from a 73 to get it running while I rebuild the original engine... I can't wait to get it going!

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