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1971 240Z For Sale


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This car was inherited from a relative who lived out of state. Because of this, we can't provide complete details about the condition of this car, but here's what we do know.

Overall, the engine is in good condition, however there are some transmission problems - 1st and 3rd gears slip and probably need some work. The headlight switch also needs to be replaced because sometimes you have to jiggle it to make the lights come on.

There are a couple of areas on the passenger side below the door where the body has rusted through which will need replacement. We've also found water on the driver's side floorboard, but are not sure where it's coming from. The car will need to be repainted and have some body work done to repair some minor dents and dings. This car was not housed in a garage and was subjected to severe weather conditions which probably caused some of the rust problems.

The original black vinyl seats are well worn and need replacement (unless you like sitting in a hole). Just kidding - but, they do need replacement along with the carpeting. The dashboard has a couple of cracks, but we do have a cover for it to prevent any additional damage.

The exhaust system was replaced from the muffler back and the car has 4-spoke American racing rims. Also, the original owner removed the car's emblems which we do not have.

We are selling the car because we just don't have the space to keep it. We have most of the repair receipts for previous work done. With a little TLC, this could be a great little car! We're only

asking $1500 for it.

We're located in Northern California in the East Bay.

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If you want it to sell, here you should post photos of car. People will want to see the areas under the floor mats and battery. Rust is the worst thing that happens to a Z and the possibility of a lot of rust will scare away many potential buyers unless it is well documented.

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Thanks for the good advice. We actually do have pictures of the car and can forward them to anyone who may be interested. As far as we can tell, there are only 2 areas of the car that appear to show signs of rust and they are both on the passenger side below the door. The floorboard and battery seem to be fine.

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