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Wanted - Various '71 240z parts


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Hello all. With all of the various parts cars out there, I am trying to find someone that wants to get rid of some of their extra parts. I would rather give money to someone here than at the junk yard.

Here is my current want list. If you have any of these things, please let me know how much you are asking. I am a serious buyer, not just looking around.

Thanks for your help.

Wiper fluid container

Wiper fluid pump on the bottom of the container

Wiper fluid tubing and squirters

small bolt on the inside of the air cleaner (not the one that you can screw the wing nut in)

power antennea

glove box locking mechanism

metal piece that goes on the front bumper (one of two bumper guards)

hood release handle

silver cover that goes on the passenger door pull to cover the bolt

clothers hanger hook and screw

plastice pieces to hold plastic interior part around the small side windows

metal that goes on the inside of the car, right inside the door (over the carpet) as soon as you get in the car (needed for both sides)

If you have this stuff - I sure could use your help. I am new in this 240z game, sorry to be so needy. I am in it for the long term though and I am looking forward to getting to the point where I can help others.

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