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Hello from Brisbane all.

I have just completed fabrication, and most recently track testing of my newly designed carby trumpets. Also, I have handed a few out to friends for further road testing. The general feedback has been good with all involved in the tests reporting a very noticable improvement in throttle response and daily drivability. In some cases comment was even made on the underbonnet sounds having improved.

...I am currently trying to source a business who can chrome the things without charging my weeks pay packet.

I have included an image that shows the design difference between the standard kind.

...and they say size doesn't count...

The pair pictured are to suit an SU carby.


PHONE # + 0403 21 6969


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I'm ignorant on alot of things. I am currently working on a design that will suit this application, I am trialling various kinds of materials to test their longevity once the bonnet is shut.

To be honest though - I think it's a shame to cover them up...

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FWIW, I've read some horror stories about the ITG filters on a couple different racing sites.... seems if you ever have a carb backfire, they will melt and then you end up sucking chunks of semi-melted foam into the engine..... they don't stand up to high temps very well without breaking down/and or melting. Just something to think about.....

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Now not trying to be skeptical but I like the idea of these it's just well the stock air box works just fine and I don't know how much these could really improve the engine?

Also what would I do about the oil breather hose? where could I connect it back into the system?

I'm sure they look real pretty but not sure if you'd get more heat soak into the carbs with them or with stock box.

BTW did you sell the Gnoses?

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By all means Gav, be as sceptical as you like, I really don't mind.

I have invested a great deal of time and effort into the design of these items so know the benefits of their addition first hand. There is much debate about the effects of heatsoak into carbs, I don't have the time nor inclination to go there, but you must really hate the idea of triples given the amount of air they suck.

I'm glad you acknowledged the fact that they look "real pretty", but rest assured they are functional aswell - I just happen to fabricate good looking gear as a bonus.

In regards to the oil breather hose, I would recommend another part I fabricate which can be viewed on my gallery.

Alan Stean - the owner of the Z car shop now sells my velocity stacks off the shelf. I suppose he was less sceptical, a number of his customers must also not have been too sceptical as they have also purchased these items and report significant throttle response.

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I suppose a drive in the mountains would be great wheather it's to prove a point or just meet another Z nuts. I love it up there and have been many times in my old Z not my new one but the high compression l28 in my 240z really likes to pull up the hills much more than my old L28 in the 2+2.

My plans were to fabricate some sort of heat shield and use header wrap anyway at a later date. I don't spose you fabriate good head shields?

I didn't look through your gallery because my cable internet has been slowed to 28k for the rest of the money and images cause too many time outs when u have networked PC's in the house.

Is it the K+N style filter? If so I am not so fond of these as they have a tendancy to dirty the engine bay up.

Thanks for your patience and response anyway much appreciated.

Apparently the stock air filter is a bit restrictive but I threw all that into doubt when I saw a friends 240z perform the way it did.


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