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For sale are a pair of black, moulded plastic race seats including the sliding rails and brackets. These units weigh less than 7 KG's each. Covers are available from Revolution Racegear.

They are in near new condition and have been under wraps for about 12 months now.


AUD $300

PHONE: 0403 21 6969


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You seem to be clearing out alot of parts :). I wish I had enough money for the webbers :) anyhow I think the seats would be a better idea for my car at the moment than the front spoiler but I wanna know what the seats look like from the front.

I'm a bit of a Z car purist so mods have to be subtle or keeping with the cars design. I like my stock seats but the drivers one needs reupholstery as it's a bit ripped on the side from the years.

Also do you have to use a harness with these? The car is street driven hasn't seen any track time since I've owned it if ever might in the future but I like the comfort of race seats and after a ride in my mates Type R Integra I wanted a set of Recaro's.

Sorry to be a hassle but trying to decide what to buy depending on priorities. :ermm:

Oh and BTW it says comes with sliding rails etc does this mean it's just a bold in job? Don't wanna have to fab anything or do welding etc... Thanks again

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Gav, not trying to talk you out of it, but you DO NOT want to sit in a solid plastic racing seat for any lenght of time, unless you have some serious adrenalin pumping through your system, its not a nice feeling.

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Those things make my corbeau's look like sitting on my couch!

+ I'll bet they don't give at all when you sit down on your harness clips! OUCH!!! Seriously they look like just the ticket for someone with a dedicated race car that never sees the street, good luck.:knockedou

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