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Need 240z front/rear bumpers in dallas


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I have a 75 280z with a fiberglass front dam and a rolled rear pan which has NO BUMPERS. I am going to autox it in bsp and need to put something on it. The update backdate rules should allow me to use 240 or 260z bumpers and I don't want the 280z pieces anyway. Does anyone near Dallas TX know where I can get some bumpers somewhat cheaply, they do not need to be in 'like new' condition. Also does anyone have experiance bolting 240z bumpers to a 280? what brackets do I need etc...

Thanks 4 all your help!

Bryan W

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I replaced the stock bumpers on a '77 280 with ones from a '72 240. The 240 front bumper mates perfectly with the 280's bumper 'shocks'. However I don't know if your front air dam would interfere or not.

The rear bumper requires a little finessing as the 240 bumper bolts don't line up with the 280 bumper shocks. Easiest fix is to connect the bumper shocks with a flat piece of steel (about 1/4" thick) and then center the 240 bumper and mark where the bumper's bolts meet the steel bar. Then drill appropriate size holes in the steel bar and attach the bumper.



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peterc- did you use the 240 bumpers with the 280 shocks? From what i have read you have to remove the bumper shocks to get the 240z bumper to fit, can you post some pics? I have a 76z and I want to take off those massive bumpers


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You might try going to this Z-car garage out in SE Fort Worth, they have a mini z-car boneyard out back. I was out there a couple months ago and they had at least a few 240zs (most were 280ZXs and Z31s), don't recall if the bumpers were still on them though. Worth a shot, if you call them up and ask they should be able to tell you if they have what you are looking for before you drive out there.

All Z Car Specialist

5101 Mosson Road

Fort Worth, TX 76119



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