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Early car for sale in Queensland


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Hey Guys,

I am to far away. If any one does get a look, can someone post the chassis number and original L24 serial from the data plate.

This Zed looks like the real deal, a real bargin for a person waiting a real classic to come along, especialy if you live close to the seller even maybe the same town.




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Hold you horses Alfa. The guy selling it has taken a dposit from a 'young bloke' who will come up with the balance on Monday. He said I should check on tuesday if the deal has fallen thru or gone ahead...pay no attention to us dezperadoez!

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There's a good sounding 260 on the NSW z Club site, is this the sort of thing you are looking for halz? It appears to be one of those "little old lady cars".. I'll be pissed if it's as nice and original as it's made out to be!!

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Seriously, http://www.sydneydatsunclub.com/classifieds.asp

The ad..

21/6/2003 - perfect 260Z FOR SALE

i have a white 260Z 2 seater 1975. :only ever one owner :travelled only 65000 miles :PERFECTLY running motor :100% perfect and stock interior :100% perfect stock exterior, no spray required :full log books all over a really good, reliable, neat and sporty little car. reply to me if interested

$$9000 - Queensland Contact: andrew

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I was tempted to find out more and perhaps even ditch my 240 if it was good enough. Still, I'm part the way down the track now and have konis, newly sprayed interior, leather seats etc so I can't be bothered. thing is, I reckon a decent back to bare metal respray could cost 4k or so, and that's a good slice of the cost of the car..


Like I said, if its a real minter I'll be jealous still!

Good luck, I' d prefer to see it go to someone who truly wants a nice zed, and I know a few of you have been looking for a while.

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I just checked the trading post and

Early 240Z, 5 speed manual, must sell to buy sensible family car (Ouch! That hurts), car number 160, with matching motor, runs great, needs little TLC to bring back to top condition, phone for web page address, price negotiable

-$4500 Carrara 5594 5151 or (0423) 043 444

so it appears it may be still for sale, I said appears!!!!!!!

I wish someone could tell us the data plate engine number.



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That 240z looks like a good project shame it's not in Melbourne to take a look at.

BTW Steve I didn't bother with that other one in melbourne that was number #91 or someting he wanted 12k and I couldn't go along pretending I was interested at that sky rocket price :ermm: .

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In some respects Im afraid to say that prices of all of the zed cars here in Australia are really starting to go through the roof and IMO are becomming stupid in most cases.

I can remember back in the early 90's when you could pick up a good, sound, running and registered 240z as a project car for around $2000. Sure it needed some work, but nothing major and it could be fixed up while you were using it. I have seen cars in similar condition these days advertised for around $4000 min.

I remember looking at a very low VIN# car back in about 94 or so (VIN<100) that was registered, driveable and pretty decent. The owner wanted $2500 ono for it. It was a very original car but did need some work and unfortunately wasnt what I was looking for at the time. Of course, looking back on it, it is exactly what I would like to have now ;>

I still think that the majority of sellers of z cars these days here in Australia are really trying to take advantage of "z fever" and also the scarcity of the cars to try and demand top $ for the rotting rubbish that they are trying to pass off as "restoration cases".

Its a real shame to see. As a comparison you wouldnt buy say an MGB for AUS$12K that needed anything done to it, would you?

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