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Immaculately Restored 1972 240Z For Sale


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Exceptional 1972 240Z For Sale

This vehicle is one of the finest examples of this marque. I am the original owner and have full records of all services. The car has been professionally restored to better than new condition just 1,700 miles ago, and contains many upgrades. Reason for sale? Too many cars. Your inspection will justify the price of $12,500.

Please call 408-354-2860 and ask for Gordon, or email at: [email protected]

More Details, Photos and Appraiser's Report can be found at:


This exceptional 240Z is located in Los Gatos, California. Come drive it home.

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Nice pics... but it may be me, but I would think that for an asking price of 12K, the dash would be in mint shape or fully restored... A dash cap seems out of place on an asking price that high...


Northern NJ Larry

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I agree, also is brown carpet stock on the rear strut towers and other vertical surfaces? I thought all the early Zs had the diamond vinyl. This link show what I know is a original brown interior for 1972

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first of all...very nice work ! the car looks good. especially the engine compartment.

I wish you luck getting 12.5K for it...some things that might hinder a purist from offering:

1) white door panels and plastic trim, instead of black

2) the speakers drilled into the front door

3) the carpet instead of the diamond vinyl

4) the dash cap instead of a full dash

5) aftermarket mirror on passenger side

6) the plastic headlight covers


just my $.02

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but far from 12.5 nice

the engine bay looks great and i like how clean and neat everything is, but the huge amount of attention that was showed there seems to me to have fallen short elsewhere.

like others said dash cap:ermm: the imo not so tastefully done carpet on the rear towers.

then the biggest thing of all to me the SUNROOF:sick: :sick: :sick:

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Not a bad example, "VERY CLEAN" The white interior has got to go before he will see that kind of money! And where is the a/c set up? No dealer install that I can see :finger: ! Maybe that's how the "pop-up" sun roof comes into play? Even with a 260/280 compressor set up I still see no a/c lines into the fire wall and no radiator fan shroud! I feel that my white '72 is on a par with this one, condition wise and option wise $10k would be a better place to start... What it is worth and what the "real" world will bring are two very different things, and sometimes a car truly is worth more to it's owner than the outside world. This car truly reflects having allot of personal touches applied, (rear window wiper) HOW COOL!


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