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CANADA 240z or 280z


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as the title says im looking for a datsun 240z or 280z, 2 seater plz, also prefer very little rust, engine dosent have to be perfect but it must run looking to spend a max of 8-9 thousand thanks

I live in Edmonton, Alberta so b.c or sask woudnt be bad

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I have a 1973 240 Z that I have an intrest in selling, its a solid ride and comes with many extra parts as I owned 3 of them and this is the last of my Z collection, if AZ isn't to far away for you.

Depending on where you are at I could arrange delivery but only in summer months and at an additional cost.


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Some how I lost the photo's that I had of my 240 Z car or misplaced the CD that I had them on, however I am still searching. I can take some new ones in the next few days and send you a sample.

Just some tid bits on the car, the motor was completely rebuilt a few years back, I have all of the info on that and many reciepts on what I have bought and or replaced. I drive the car daily just around town.

The Z has been punched out 40 over, has a Crane cam, twin down draft weber cars, full flow 180 degree headers, tuned exhaust. I have a 5 speed trans in it right now, but I have an extra (original 4 speed trans as a spare) also spare front strut assemblys, 4 rear hubs and 4 extra front hub / disk break assemblys, extra drive shat & a pair of extra half shafts along with a bunch of other exta parts.

The car NEEDS a good paint job, I bought a new center councel and other interior pices have new rugs/ carpet pieces, like I said a ton of exta parts that will come with it.

The only real dent is on the passanger door but its repairable.

The car has custom wheels & Flaken SCCA tires, Flared fender, front & rear ground effects, rear louvers, a stand up rear spoiler and the custom head light covers. I will try and get some pics to you in a few days.


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