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Guess my fenders aren't coming off anytime soon - riveted side skirt?


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I was in the process of removing my fenders to clean out the dirt underneath and check for rust.  Then I realized these side skirt things I have are riveted on, smh.. Guess the only way would be to drill the ~20 rivets out through the body, just curious if anyone else has this piece installed? Maybe it was a dealership option or a previous owner did it, but what a pain..



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Those rocker panel trim pieces were a dealer, or owner, installed upgrade on more than a few Zs in the 1970s.  They were silver/chrome accent pieces prior to being painted your car's body color and gave the Z a bit of a  lower/longer look.  You might find a few rust spots under them when you take them off.

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Those were on my '80 ZX. When I went to prep for paint I removed them by drilling out the rivets. Wish I hadn't. I put Bondo in the holes and painted over it like that. The car has plenty of Bondo so I guess a bit more won't hurt. 


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Thanks all, I don't mind the looks of them if I used it as an accent color, but I prob won't go through the hassle of putting them back on.. Seems serviceability wasn't in mind when they were installed 😕

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