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Installing Windshield - Tell me if I'm crazy


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I've installed a dozen or so windshields between 510's and Z's in the last few years, I find it pretty easy now.

But today I'm about to do it again (510), and something popped into my head. There is, after all a fairly big vacuum in there that allows things to slip in pretty easily..

Why not put the gasket in the car over the pinch weld FIRST, THEN put the glass in the gasket. Put the rope in the glass channel rather than the pinch weld channel and pull it over the glass? Any one else try this before? 

What madness makes me think this might be a tad easier since your pulling rope on the outside rather than cramped in the car, and I can push down with one hand while pulling rope up against that force with the other?

Maybe once I actually try this it will be mind numbingly obvious why you would never do it that way. Maybe the pointy corners mean you have to pull out a lot of rubber at once and risk tearing it. Maybe you still need two people at the very least to get started since you have that free hunk of glass sliding around until it get it started.

Yeah, I'm crazy for sure. But I'm not sure I can rest until I try.

Anyone want to convince me one way or the other?


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And a hint about doing glass installs.

Many say they use soapy water or even spray can glass cleaner to help lube things as they get the glass in the WS and to get the rubber to seat well in the car, but I never use it. I find it dries out too fast and doesn't really make it any easier. I have no trouble doing it dry.

But, couple areas are a bit sticky, like roping around the top corners and getting the SS trim in place. I'm going to use Corn starch this time around for lube. Tried on the door weather stripping miter corners of the 510 (if you know you know) and man, it totally removed the tackiness and its dry and blows away. No mess. Baby powder is the same stuff just smellier and 100x the price. I'll let you know


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All day and not one of you had the guts to just reply “You’re Crazy”  Fine. I’m not sharing what I found out. 

Ok, fine, I will. Don’t do it. The corner pulling is too tight, too much risk of tearing it. The wonderful soft rubber in the Datsport gaskets might survive it, but “No chancey Mr Dancey” for Precision brand.

Besides, I devised a method to do it the conventional way that surpasses any previous method I had used up to now. Will share in a better thread. 

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I prefer to do this with 3 persons, one inside pulling the rope and 2 on the outside controlling the screen.. if you have/ can find a guy that has done it before you will complete the job and be a experience richer

I learnt it when i was with friends that were busy with a volvo screen and it looked very easy.. it was a same as a 240z front screen, you start with the bottom and work your way up at the end the screen pops into it's place, much simpler than the work you have with a 280zx screen i know now out of experience...pfff... all that chrome work..pfff...

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