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MSA 6-1 Header Install


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I finally decided to install headers on my Z, the MSA 6-1's.  I had their Performance Exhaust ordered too, but cancelled that after deciding I wanted a resonator, and didn't like the rear muffler u-bolt mount setup.  So, going to drive it 10 miles up the freeway open exhaust to a good shop to get finished up.  Here's a few pics.

Here's what I'm starting with, which all has to come off:


Here's the monstrosity to be removed.  I've tried to keep this car pretty much stock, but removed the smog pump a few years ago which helped it run better.  So now a header, since the exhaust pipes are getting a few pinholes.  Figure if I'm doing the exhaust, may as well go the header route now.


Here's the old Nichara system dated 1984.  Mufflers still seem solid, just the pipes are getting bad.  Anybody wants it come get it.  🙂


Already had the MSA studs installed when I rebuilt it a few years ago.


Dry fit to make sure it clears everything, thermostat housing, etc.  Did have to remove that tray like thingy-ma-jig bolted to the oil pan bolts, not sure what its purpose is.


I did use the Stage8 locking nuts, we'll see how they work.  I may regret this if I need to re-torque nuts.


The shield fits nicely.  Love the thick flange on the header, and not having to mess with stepped washers for the 6 studs between exhaust and intake.


Finished with header.  Overall, pretty easy job.  After adding new coolant, started it up.  It's going to be a noisy drive to the shop tomorrow!  


I'll post pictures of the finished mufflers and pipes, tomorrow, hopefully.

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