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[2022] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?


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Nice car!  These pics look like you took them out of the original brochure!  If i had this car i would look under those plastic wheelhouse extrenders, i did this with my 300zxtt wheelhouse protectors and you can prevent any rust.. important because when it's emergine than it's to late!  (I never saw some rust under mine luckely!) 

I also spray some WD40 inbetween those covers so it gets rid of the moist..


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I took the 240Z out for Caffeine and Chrome this morning. The original plan was to drive the 260Z, but it was having an issue this morning that seems to be fuel related.  I almost got rear-ended by a woman who didn't believe in proper following distances, but that was the end of the drama for a while.  The great thing is that the heat took a break this morning. 

After a while, I had a nice chat with a gentleman who recently purchased a 70 from BaT. I provided him quite a bit of Z Car info.


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On 7/17/2022 at 7:49 AM, siteunseen said:

 It had 72,xxx when I bought it in 2015 now it has 78,855. :beer:

Woah, Cliff!

Ease up there. Don't want to wear it out all at once.


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Installed my new replica tail lights. 
looked at guidelines from the web, all suggested to cut a wire under the steering column to separate the brake light from the blinker. Couldent understand why you would have to do that? Theres a connection at the brake light switch, used that and used the new harness from the replica tail lights and everything workes. 
Ofcourse the oem tail light 4 pin connection doesn’t match the 6 pin connection from the replica tail lights, you have to swap these so they match. 




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Okay, so this happened yesterday, but it's still within 24 hours...

After performing well all last week at ZCON 2022, she deserved her spa day.

Washing the Z.jpg

And all done, ready to go for the next drive/cruise/car meet.

Done for the day.jpg

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Just now, Patcon said:

I'm hoping one day you'll paint that air dam... LOL

Actually with the black on the rocker panels, the unpainted air dam works. Besides, it leaves more money for parts and tools.

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Got my 240Z OEM door mirror from local Nissan parts department shelf I have stocked with potential use stuff. Thought about cataloging all of them with my part number "supersedes" master list I have put into use.

The 1st photo shows the superb quality of the mirror. It's no surprise Nissan choose to save weight and the potential for 7 years of bad luck without an additional right side mirror.



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On 7/30/2022 at 8:59 PM, siteunseen said:

July the 17 I mixed the oil and grease around, burnt the dust of the brakes. I'm scared to go dowm there now. My 4 foot black snake that eats all the chipmunks that store acorns on top of the 280's intake among the other various places has grown to 6 feet now. No more chipmunks but now I have a huge arse snake living in my garage. It's non poisonous by the shape of the head. I know the shape because he leaves me full body skins about twice a year as a way of letting me know he's the boss. I hate snakes. My dog acts weird too from smelling it but I won't kill it unless I have to, you know like maybe a girl sees it and won't come back until it's gone.

Here's one from a week or so ago I found in my bycycle. Windshield to headlight, 5' 8 inches.



Cliff, that’s crazy.  You need to catch that monster and get it out of your garage!  

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Today was a great day to go to the Worship car meet. The weather wasn't too hot, and I found a good parking spot that afforded me some shade for most of the time I was there. There were 2 280Zs, 2 Z31s that showed up, and then there was the time capsule. 

Sandesh introduced himself to me and said he brought his 1991 Twin Turbo but parked it on the other side of the sea containers in the parking lot. David and I walked over with Sandesh to see his car. It was well worth the effort.

Sandesh said he purchased his Z32 with 3K miles in 93. It now has a little over 23K miles. The interior is immaculate, and it wouldn't take too much to get the engine bay ready to win a ZCON Gold Medallion. He still has the original Goodyear Gatorbacks on the rears. I might have to see if I can convince him to buy a Nissan battery. He has been an incredible curator of this museum piece, and I'm so glad he brought it out for us to see.

Here is my car with a nice 280Z owned by a friend.


And here is the time capsule...







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On 7/30/2022 at 3:45 PM, Av8ferg said:

Cliff, when was the last time you rolled that queen out of the garage?   Did you take it to the local ZCON festivities happening.  

Here's the "Queen bean with sweet tea".

This has been like a ship's wheel for me, "driving me nuts" for the last 2 years. Finally starting to care about the cars again so I've drained the old fuel and will replace all filters tomorrow. Exmark is completely full BTW.

Sitting off and on for 2 years. It ain't good. LOL

But no sign of Red-Kote! Hurray me.




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Started clearing brush yesterday. Got the ZX free, and half of one of the 280Zs exposed. Six more to go. 

I stopped to take a break, texted Mrs. Racer some progress pictures, then went into the shop to take a break. Had a race on the TV. A few minutes passed, and I heard what sounded like someone in distress.

Turns out Mrs. Racer was coming out to see the progress, slipped and fell on the back porch steps, and broker her lower leg/ankle.

I had to call the aid car, they hauled her to hospital, and we were up all night. 

Now I am missing work to get her into see an orthopedic surgeon.

Good times, eh?










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