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mount odometer reset


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Would appreciate some help regarding the mounting of the odometer reset switch.  The car is a 1973 240z.  The dash has been replaced and one of the last two things to find a home is the odometer reset.  It is a long shaft without threads and there are some grooves on the shaft that make me think there must have been some sort of a pressure clip.  The grooves are set back from where a knob might be attached.  Here is a picture of what I have.  If you could take a snapshot of the mechanical fastener, or know what it is called It would be a big help.


.odometer reset.jpg

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Siteunseen - The link to the removal was an education on taking the cable out of the speedometer and fixing one that would not reset correctly. Thank you.

SteveJ - You bet the picture helps.  

Actually, I needed both Situnseen's URL and SteevJ's photo to figure out what to do.  I don't think the cable can go in from the front because the largest  (diameter) is the the end that the knob attaches to.  So I think the right way to do this is to remove the cable from the speedometer head.  Put it through the dash and reconnect it to the speedometer.  Slip a "c" clip into the groove behind the dash and then slip another "C" clip into the groove on the front of the dash.  Of course, from time to time I have departed from what was the correct way and I may have to do that in this case.  If my dash thickness is different than the original I may not be able to get the clips on both sides.  So I may just make a small panel to be mounted below the dash; that way I can control the issue of the thickness of the panel by using washers between the back of the panel and the "C" clip.

Anyway, thanks to both of you.


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I took a look at my parts dash and when I pulled the reset knob off there was no clip on the outside of the dash. The inner clip was there and keeps the cable at the correct length though the dash.

The manual does not show one either.   The knob does fit tightly and may be the only thing that holds the reset cable end to the dash. 

Something to try before going through a lot of effort. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.04.04 AM.png

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To finish off this topic I would like to show you what I did with your assistance.  I searched under the dash for any kind of mounting hole, but alas there were none.  I suspect that originally there was a bracket that mounted inside the dash and drove the reset cable/spindle vertically downward through the bottom of the dash.  I have removed my dash a number of times for various reasons, but have no intention of doing it again unless it is absolutely necessary.  This issue does not meet that bar.  So, based on your assistance I came up with the following solution. 

odometer reset bracket_1.jpg

I created a bracket that allowed the spindle to turn freely.  The “C” clip at the back prevent the spindle from moving forward in the bracket.  The knob, when I find one that fits will prevent the spinde from moving rearward out of the bracket.s  The bracket had to be long enough to extend far enough below the dash line so that it would be accessible.  The bracket I made is perhaps a bit too small in that it may be difficult to g it is definitely out of the way, and it does reset the trip odometer. 


odometer reset installed.jpg

So, thank you again, this is one more item on my tick list that is put to bed.


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