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Good Info Fairlady Z432R


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  • mayolives changed the title to Good Info Fairlady Z432R

On 11/20/2021 at 10:53 PM, HS30-H said:

For what?

Perhaps mayolives perceives that you were criticising when merely pointing out a fact ?

If it has been gleaned from here then at least it's all in one place - an easy read Ladybird book of 'How to Z432-R' although there are a few bloopers such as : "Kobe Siebo Rally magnesium wheels''

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But here's the thing. Takeuchi san, the owner of the car in the article, is a member of the forum here at classiczcars.com. He posted detailed photos of the restoration of his car here on the site, and we discussed the car and its details more than once. 

No disrespect to the OP, but there's an embarrassment of riches in the form of 'Good Info Fairlady Z432-R' right here.

Old Japanese proverb: The darkest place is at the very foot of the lighthouse.

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So, collated, sieved but plagiarism...always a touchy subject of yours however we're all still waiting for the best possible definitive JDM S30 book (in English) from the man who knows..... and obviously the only way to have the truth told and dispersed...maybe even copied by the lazy journalists but at least they'll be plagiarising what they ought to share.😊

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Verified facts are already available - including the correct spellings - hence me pointing out that this forum is a good source, so if anyone wants to take on the responsibility of writing an article for public consumption they can easily get what is required, and/or use it as a base to work from. I don't see why it's up to me to publish anything for them. It's already out there.

I reckon anyone who takes on that responsibility has an obligation to get it right, or at least get it as right as possible and then get it peer critiqued/fact-checked before publication. As we have seen recently with some rather fancy coffee table-type hardback books (no names, no pack drill...) that doesn't always happen.

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It's not 'up to you' Alan and if you see such an opportunity as a task - it's dead in the water - it must be a pleasure, a passion.......a legacy (much like the 'deal' when you took over the C10 from your Japanese friend) to continue educating people, showing, explaining, promoting.

I absolutely agree with you here "that responsibility has an obligation to get it right, or at least get it as right as possible".

Without your 'inside' and more profound knowledge, it won't ALL be here so any writer won't know what he's missing to have included !

Can you imagine me rummaging around and then presenting it to you for pre-production peer critique/fact-checked ? You'd soon get pissed off despite the material for public consumption contained therein !

Better that the peer himself write it and have THAT checked by HIS peers !


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