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I use Sata jet 3000 HVLP for my standard gun and I have a minijet 4 for small projects. Before using Sata, I would always dread painting because I never knew what I was going to run into. After switching, I find painting enjoyable😀

My brother in law, who is a professional painter said that he tried out the high end HF gun and it is surprisingly good. Cant beat it for $220. 

The other key is to have contstant air supply pressure. If you don't already have one, invest in an air regulator. 

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So the verdict on the new gun...

I like the way it paints but with the air cap I am currently using, I have a lot of over spray. I can fog the booth up in a hurry. I think I may have an HVLP air cap too. I will have to look. It does lay down clear really nice though. Big wide fan and if I'm careful; I have very minimal orange peel. Overall, I really like it, except for the amount of paint I waste in the air. My existing gun won't pattern as wide as this new one. Which makes getting even coats and avoiding striping easier

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