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Seat Upholstery Kit


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In the process of redoing the seats, and ordered the foam and seat covers from Interior Innovations (I think they come out of Pakistan).

Pictured is my passenger bottom with the new vinyl cover from Interior Innovations, along with my original back.  Color is a dull matte color, but the original is more glossy, has two different textured materials.  Kind of a shame to redo the top since it looks pretty decent, but have no choice.  Kind of bummed how this is turning out. I asked a couple months ago here about which kit others are using, but not much response.  I like the material used on this threads seat, except they're missing the vents.

Did I buy the wrong kit?



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7 hours ago, siteunseen said:

Here's something I would read if I was doing my seats.

Thanks, yep, I read that one, good thread.  👍  

3 hours ago, Diseazd said:

IMHO, I would pull that kit off and call Mike at Banzai Motors and order the proper seat covers.

I agree!  Thanks for the Banzai lead, wish I knew that a month ago. 🤷‍♂️  Hopefully my new foam will work with Banzai's kit.  There might be some slightly used seat covers in the classified section in a few weeks.

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Finally got the seats done and reinstalled.  I did the passenger side seat, but had a pro do the driver seat since it was more worn and needed some foam work.  Waiting for the side mechanism covers to come in.


Going to try to sell the old seat covers that go over the top of your worn out seats.  They actually don't look too bad if wanting a quick temporary fix until you can do it right.  Not sure where they came from, but definitely different than what I see available now.  If anyone here wants them, just pay shipping and they're yours.


Also going to sell the seat covers and foam I purchased from Innovative Interiors (paid $680) that I didn't use.  I'll probably try Craigslist first due to shipping costs, then eBay if needed.  Going to loose my shirt on these.


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