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My 1st 240z

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Thanks, yes she’s in pretty good shape for 50. Car came from MD, was mostly garaged or in a carport. So far no major surprises found, just lots of small things, deferred maintenance for the last 25+ yrs. Undergoing a complete suspension and brake system update.

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On 9/15/2021 at 2:20 PM, bluez said:

Thanks all. My 78z was blue, and I almost purchased another one recently, thus the reason for my I’d. Ended up getting a 71 instead, so I should do an name change.. Since I’ve been away from Z’s for so long I need to do some serious catch up. Plan is to keep it original as much as possible.

Car is from Md, built 12/70. Minimal work done, over last 30+ yrs. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

The good- Motor, clutch, trans, steering, lights, body panels, floors all appear good, interior, dash, seats, rugs all good.

The bad- Tires dry rotted, antenna cord to be replaced, speedometer orings leaking, most hoses need replacement, suspension bushings are disintegrating, clock not working, new drivers seat cushion doesn’t quite match OEM.

Still in exploring stage, car going on lift today. Can’t wait to see what lurks below.
Here’s some pics.













I picked up my first Z a while ago, but my story is VERY much like yours!  71, 69k miles and was in generally good shape.  I ended up doing just about every repair imaginable but you have a Brilliant starter!  The fact that the thin sticker covering the hole to the right of the choke is still present is AMAZING.. Cannot wait to see you develop.  This group is solid gold in terms of usefulness and kindness. 

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