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Social media account sign on

Do we need social media sign-on?  

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  1. 1. We are considering a removal of Facebook (and other social media) single-sign-on. Shall we remove or keep it?

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Hi all, I am considering the removal of a single-sign-on technology from the website.  For instance, I know some of you are using your Facebook account to sign into the website.  If we remove the connection, this would mean you need to manage your password directly on our site (instead of Facebook).

There are several reasons for this, but, my main purpose of this exercise is to remove the complexity around managing the connection.  I'm also a bit concerned about the security of passwords, bot access, and possible data-sharing issues.  So, my easiest solution is to just remove the feature.

Anyway, if you have time please answer the attached survey so I can get an idea of how many people would miss it, or likewise want to keep it.  Thanks!


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If there is any chance of limiting the spam, dump it.  I and I assume most others have the website remember the login, so it shouldn't hurt the majority of  users.  FB sites are getting worse by the day.  The spammers are out of control there.  You are doing a great job of limiting the infiltrations here.

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Anyone else want to chime in or vote on this ?  So far it doesn't look like anyone really uses the social media connector or single sign on.  Scratching my head to see if I can link the poll to our front page... 

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