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Do we need social media sign-on?  

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  1. 1. We are considering a removal of Facebook (and other social media) single-sign-on. Shall we remove or keep it?

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Hi all, I am considering the removal of a single-sign-on technology from the website.  For instance, I know some of you are using your Facebook account to sign into the website.  If we remove the connection, this would mean you need to manage your password directly on our site (instead of Facebook).

There are several reasons for this, but, my main purpose of this exercise is to remove the complexity around managing the connection.  I'm also a bit concerned about the security of passwords, bot access, and possible data-sharing issues.  So, my easiest solution is to just remove the feature.

Anyway, if you have time please answer the attached survey so I can get an idea of how many people would miss it, or likewise want to keep it.  Thanks!


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Anyone else want to chime in or vote on this ?  So far it doesn't look like anyone really uses the social media connector or single sign on.  Scratching my head to see if I can link the poll to our front page... 

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Thanks.  I was kind of joking.  I'm sure that there are all kinds of "analytics" that a person can get/buy when they set up a platform.  I know that the Youtube channel guys can see how long people watch, when they click away, etc.  There's a couple channels that I've been watching and just browsing around you can see how they all start leaning the same way as time goes on.  Shortening videos,  adding words to their thumbnails, certain kinds of music.  The popular channels all start to have the same format. 

The world is gravitating toward grabbing internet eyes.  Pretty weird.

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1 hour ago, Captain Obvious said:

Same for me. The longer I hover over cat videos, the more cat videos show up.

Aside from the cat videos, I get sucked in by the completely ridiculous "tool hacks" videos.  They are such a train wreck of terrible and dangerous info that I tend to hover for a few too many seconds and now my feed is loaded with them.  Most include either a hot glue gun or an arc welder to make a completely useless tool that wouldn't work at all and would be cheaper to buy than the money spent on the welding rods and grinding discs wasted.

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The social media sign-on is a back-end process that allows you to sign into the site using your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Microsoft (etc) credentials.  It's a back-end process where our server authenticates with the appropriate cloud service to let you into the site.  It's called SSO, single-sign-on, and used at many other locations.  You can see it when you sign into websites because they have a button (if the service is enabled).  No account data can be seen by myself or other developers because the system authenticates using a secure pathway back to the service provider.  On our site, it simply creates an account and username/password information is handled by the service provider.  

I'm finding out that it's a lot of work for me to maintain, so I thought it would be good to do a poll.  The SSO system is completely automated after I set up the programming, but these companies all change their code annually.  It can be a pain to maintain long term.  We don't have a staff of programmers to keep it going...   just me.  😉


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7 hours ago, Mark Maras said:

I don't remember hovering on or watching anything that would explain why I'm getting Donny and Marie videos. The closest I've been is watching delta blues videos.

Thanks a lot.  Now I'm getting Donny news if I browse Yahoo news.  Forgot that they even existed until your post.  Somehow, Donny Osmond ziplining is "news".  What the heck is a "solo residency"?


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