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ZCON 2021 Roll Call


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Oh I love heating pads! I've been wanting to get a heated blanket like from my childhood but the research I've read says they're 2 different animals. The small pads get much hotter and work way better.

Maybe 10 would cover my bed and add the heat I need?

Hope you feel better Charles.

This humidity is drawing me down to nothing. I'm sure you too.

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Can't make it. I'm in the same boat as SteveJ - Colorado is real far away. What a shame, I don't like to think about it. It'd be nice to meet everybody in person, and also lose my mind over all the z's. Gosh! Why'd you have to bring it up?! Just when I'd started to move on, this thread got brought back! Oh well, maybe next year... Somebody let it loose going up Pikes Peak for me (but don't get too crazy)!

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On 7/23/2021 at 11:04 PM, Patcon said:

I've been hurt for over a year. Was some better but recently regressed by about 6 months

I feel your pain and feel bad for you.  Being hurt sucks.  I'm over it, and I'd bet you are too! 


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Sounds like you have quite a bit to get done.  Just set up a cot in the shop and order in food.  You only really need 4 hours of sleep and since there's 24 hours in every day, you'll have plenty of time.  😁

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Trailering my Z from GA.  My best friend, roommate at OTS, best man at my wedding and Godfather to my two kids lives in Monument so I'll be crashing in his basement, he's even got a spot in the garage for my Z.  My dad is driving up from NM in his BRZ and we're going to do the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak drive together, hope my 240 can make it all the way up!

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1 hour ago, jayhawk said:

I'm in.  We loaded 4 Zs on a trailer yesterday from our club (ZONC Z Owners of Northern California). And am thrilled we get to see the new Z in person.   

Thrilled we will see the new Z in person.

I regret that I didn't join ZONC after I bought my Z in 93. I was stationed at Travis AFB from 93 to 96, and I graduated from high school in the East Bay.

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2 minutes ago, siteunseen said:


Bruce talked to the manager? owner? somebody behind the bar that informed him the art work was done by art students (when the school was still a school) and was not painted over when the brewery opened.

Bristol Brewery or something like that. Too many breweries, too little time....

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