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Is this door guard riveted on??

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Holes have to be welded closed. That requires paint. I suspect there is a source for new rubber but don't know where

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Z Car Source also sells the rubber moulding by the foot. It's a pretty good match to the original. I replaced all of mine on my '71 Z because I didn't want to have to fill the rivet holes if the moulding was removed. You will need a drill and a pop-rivet tool. Wasn't too hard a job, the trickiest part was getting the length of each rubber segment correct. Cut them a little long, they can always be trimmed but if they're too short you're SOL. I just noticed that the rubber in your picture looks like it has a slightly lower profile than the one on my car. Not sure if the various dealers used more than one source for the rubber trim.

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Forgot to add something.
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Just to be clear, there is no such thing as"stock"door guards. They are an after market product put on by dealers and owners. If you like the look, and do not want to go through the work of welding the holes up and repaint, than just buy any aftermarket guards you like and replace them. Although I now see that your car is not a 240, but a 260-280 so I am not sure if the later models came with  factory door guards.

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