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Straightening, restoring and painting air filter box

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I was in need of straightening, restoring and painting my orange air filter box in my 72 240z. Unfortunately, the guy that painted the metal box did not tried his best by messing up the finish and wasted all the orange 240z spray. Do you guys think i can get that same stock factory orange color at any paint shop or do i really need to buy 2 bottles of spray can from the US?










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Any paintshop can deliver you that orange paint i think.. Just bring the box with you to the shop. Such a small part so easy (in my eyes) to spray.. and still making a mess of it ...pfff...

Why the air bubbles in the paint? he made the box to hot??

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I suspect Dutchzcar is right. He sprayed it outside in the sun and the paint couldn't lay out. I agree, take it to a shop that can color match it. Spray it early in the day and in the shade. Be sure and degrease it really good

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