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Mark Maras

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18 minutes ago, Patcon said:

He's got flat tops on the first one!

All three of his cars had the Hitachi SU-HIF "Flattops".  And notice all the trophy's!  That was one of the reasons I went to see him as I was contemplating the restoration of my '73.  (which I finally accomplished by finding Motorman7 in 2018.  See the thread "We're bringin; back the Flat Tops! https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/60309-were-bringin-back-the-flat-tops/  )  Now thanks to Motorman7, my '73 looks as good or better than his. 

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16 hours ago, jayhawk said:

Mark, in 2005 (according to the metadata for the photo) while driving from California to Seattle, I stopped in Portland briefly to see a fellow who had 3 beautiful Zs ('73s like mine).  His Zs had been the subject of an article in a Z magazine (Sport Z maybe?). 

Do you happen to know of him and the status of his collection?

Thanks.  you can PM me if you wish. 

June 2007 003.jpg

June 2007 010.jpg

I don't know who that would have been. @zedhead used to live in Portland, maybe he knows.

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On 3/27/2021 at 5:13 PM, Diseazd said:

His name is Don Anderson. I spoke with him in 2007. His wife had recently died. He also owns two 300ZX’s. He published his phone number in the article. I’ll PM it to you.


Thanks Diseazd.

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