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Bid on 77 280 Z and give it a good home!!


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Unfortunately, I am putting my Z car up for auction. It was my daily driver for three years until it was parked almost one year ago. I had dreams of doing a full restoration on it, but I do not have the time. I would love for a die-hard Z enthusiast to take it home. The car has factory air, new tires, sunroof, and many new parts.

Read a full description and see some pics here...


Then bid on it here...


Thanks for your interest!! I hope you get to take this car home.

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Hi and thanks for your interest in the Z. I am a fairly motivated seller, but I do think the car is worth more than $550. My reserve on the auction was $1,000. I might take the highest offer between the $550 and the reserve. If I don't get a good offer I will relist it once more on E-bay.

The car ran well before I parked it. Keep in mind the head needs to be torqued down and the car has been parked for a year (although I started it frequently). But other than that a tune-up and she should be ready to go!!

As far as the rust is concerned it is tough to say. I think the car is fairly solid for a Z of this age and with this mileage. The frame rails seem solid and so does the rest of the car. Replacing the floor pans isn't really a lot. The rust behind the front wheel is probably the most significant and I am not sure what that would take to fix.

I hope this helps.

Thanks again.


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i am very interested... would it make it on a drive back from there? Like if you could torque the head down and run the "junk" out of it :classic: and let me know how it runs, that'd be cool.

thanks... i'm looking for something that i can pick up in like the next couple weeks =)

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I would not be interested in torquing the head down. It is more work than I have time for. I would be more than happy to run it out a little and let you know how it runs. Regardless of how it does run I still recommend having the car shipped or towed back to Albany.

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i just thought about that, and i can get a uhaul trailor thing and use my van to bring it back... hmmm

This is going to be my daily driver... anything you know is wrong with it that you didnt mention? for aroun $1000 cant really go wrong cause i'll have the cash to rebuilt the engine pretty much =)

do you have aim? make this much easier =). if so i'm ISTARTFIRE

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Why don't you e-mail me your phone number and I will call you tomorrow (monday). How soon did you want to take possession of the car? I will be leaving Thursday for a week so. But my guess the car will be here. Also a guy will be looking at it on Tuesday. I mentioned pretty much everything I can think of on the website. But if I think of anything I'll let you know.

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